Monday, September 17, 2007

work work and work

after two weeks am being transferred to another section in my department. last week I was with the guest activity was nice, great experience. quite ok, tough sometimes but I enjoyed the company of my colleagues..its the people that made it fun, not so much cos of the activities

now am at the nature interpretation centre (NIC) of rasa ria resort. jadi jungle people la me now.huhu..punya la *as much as I love zoology, I really don't fancy goin into the woods to appreciate nature*

like today is my first day with the section, not enough with the super early working hours *I start work at 7, can u imagine that*, I had to go bird watching this morning (how much boring it can be?)...I was struggling to keep myself awake eventhough the trail thru the woods was mostly goin uphill up till the summit point around 90m above the sea level...

well, the breathtaking view was exhilarating but doesnt really help me to be awake. Not too mention the guests questions that keep on coming and it really irritates me * when I am sleepy, I am cranky!*

Guest (pointing to a tree): Is this a mangrove tree?

Me (sleepily): Uhm...I am not so sure (trying hard to keep my eyes open that time). we gotta see the roots, mangrove trees have very distinct roots characteristics..O oh, this is not a mangrove tree. *smile*

*what the heck, hello...mangrove trees on a hilly area..apa punya urang putih...paya bakau dakat laut saja la, apa pula atas bukit ni*

but come to think of it, if you observe the amazemen
t of this foreigners over our hutan and made us to ponder over the things that we actually take things for granted everyday. we never care much about the forest and the wildlife but to them it is something to be treasured...

think about itrasa ria in the evening

anjing kecil yang besar tembirangnya!

this is my puppy...well not so puppy anymore la now. got besar2 a bit already. at first we call him KOPI but now due to his nature being so babi and act, eat, sleep like one...his name is now WOGOK...haha..kasian kan.

here is wogok with his favourite blanket *got one big hole there can fit his head and now it looks like a poncho for him*

this what he looked like when he was first brought back tiny and black, eyes also cannot see *and yeah, that's the same ol' blanket he have with him, it was new then*
KOPI or famously known as WOGOK...kuat makan, kuat tidur, and kuat main...apa punya babi!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

look who I met the other day

E-kin AF.

she looks nice with the bob hair- palsu ma tu.. anyway, just happen to be near here then take picture la *because I was sitting with the organizers during the event*

but I think funny la those little kids and adults as well went starry-eyed at the sight of the star...haha..

terpaku, terpana, terkesima, ternganga...haha semua pun ada!

the most funny one was this lady went up to E-kin and ask where is Mas (the other AF star), then ask E-kin to send her regards to Mas.
"kirim salam sama dia a, cakap peminat dari tuaran yang kirim salam.."

punya la, talk about being star strucked!

lucky I have pass the time to be in that situation...

hehe..hypocrite me. I think I will be star-strucked if I ever meet this guy also..
wentworth miller... he is hot!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

under the weather

damn mood swings.

i hate when i can't control my emotions.especially when it is around that time of the month. not onli dat i feel SO bloated.*and memang already gemuk also now*, i hate the cramps.

i dunno tomorrow how to deal with people at work where i shud meet and greet people nicely and smile at them...*urgh!!*


Your PMS Disaster Level: Medium

You definitely are a bit of a wreck once a month.
But as long as remember to take it easy, your PMS isn't a major crisis.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

baked in broad daylight!

I think it was a mistake to say that I love everything under the sun because literally I hate it! and now being in this hospitality and tourism industry and being put into a department which requires me to practically spend my working my time basking in the sun made me to change my mind mind about that everything-under-the-sun statement. You will literally get what you ask for, so be careful...hehe

Somehow, I am loving what I am doing right now. Am still under training and probation period though but the activities that I should do is so wonderful if am the guest of the hotel..haha..and believe this: I am paid to have the experience like a guest who tried all the recreational activities..and this include watersports (jet skis, parasailing etc), spa experience, games and etc..

So, I am very happy to this job now, period. Haha, the worst is yet to come but in the mean time gotta savor everything that I can. As they said, it's part of the job..and here are some of the pics taken during my Island Cruise to Gaya Island from the resort..If you are a guest and wanna be on this cruise this will cost you around RM275.00 :P

the last sight of my fair I am dark...thanks to the sun

peaceful Gaya Island...very quiet, great place to relax

On the boat...nice breeze, beautiful horizon and skyline, yes it is the SOuth China Sea, spectacular view on a sunny dayAnd yeah, the life jacket is a must and fun as well as a memorable experience is a guarantee.