Monday, September 17, 2007

anjing kecil yang besar tembirangnya!

this is my puppy...well not so puppy anymore la now. got besar2 a bit already. at first we call him KOPI but now due to his nature being so babi and act, eat, sleep like one...his name is now WOGOK...haha..kasian kan.

here is wogok with his favourite blanket *got one big hole there can fit his head and now it looks like a poncho for him*

this what he looked like when he was first brought back tiny and black, eyes also cannot see *and yeah, that's the same ol' blanket he have with him, it was new then*
KOPI or famously known as WOGOK...kuat makan, kuat tidur, and kuat main...apa punya babi!

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Vienne said...

hehehhe..joan, congrats suda keja..anyway..cute juga ko punya anjing nie....besar ka tambirang dia?mcm mana juga...