Saturday, September 15, 2007

look who I met the other day

E-kin AF.

she looks nice with the bob hair- palsu ma tu.. anyway, just happen to be near here then take picture la *because I was sitting with the organizers during the event*

but I think funny la those little kids and adults as well went starry-eyed at the sight of the star...haha..

terpaku, terpana, terkesima, ternganga...haha semua pun ada!

the most funny one was this lady went up to E-kin and ask where is Mas (the other AF star), then ask E-kin to send her regards to Mas.
"kirim salam sama dia a, cakap peminat dari tuaran yang kirim salam.."

punya la, talk about being star strucked!

lucky I have pass the time to be in that situation...

hehe..hypocrite me. I think I will be star-strucked if I ever meet this guy also..
wentworth miller... he is hot!

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