Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mother F*cker

Women complain a lot -- he said

You watch and judge for yourself.

Is this a really good stand up comedy or it's the reality?


Monday, June 21, 2010

lamentations ~again

First day of school, which I don't really...uhm..looking forward to. Even teachers can be so lazy at times. As for me, like almost every time. Hah!

I planned to blog about how was my holiday went. But, the mood just vanish like that when I browse through other people's blogs and facebook pages. Hmm, so much of being a busybody eh?

Why? I shouldn't compare my life with others, but I did. I shouldn't compare how much achieve to others, but I did. I shouldn't compare how do I look with others, but I did.

Being human *and I think also being ungrateful* has made me to forget that being happy in life is just actually a simple option between a YES and a NO.

One can't always that everything and everyone can't always have that something.

I guess God has His own plan for keeping me away for the last holiday. Was away for a reason. And I think I should not keep my nose in the matter which had happen for the past 3 weeks.

On another note, I tried out for the selection of Pertisa Unduk Ngadau yesterday. Initially the information given was that we have to dress up with normal dress only.


Lo and behold, half of who came; came in evening gowns. It was 2pm in the afternoon at a open air hall. Hmmmmm..very wrong!

But I guess the existence of beings in princess-y outfit always make your best dress will look like baju tidur only. So, as expected the girls who were in nice clothes were chosen ~ walaupun sesetengahnya kelihatan seperti tapir. Haha * saya jahat, saya tau*

And also, meet some bangas faces also. I don't understand la this people. Sudah dapat crown at one place mau juga sibuk in competition for ikan bilis saja. *shake my head*

Kalau sudah jadi ikan emas with tiara setinggi gunung tu, bagi peluang la ba sama ikan bilis sama ikan koruk...kami pun mau pakai tiara kunun.

Eiiii... tamaha!

Ok, until the next post. I want to go and pray to God now to thank Him and be grateful for that I am born to be the ikan bilis type.

After all, gratitude leads to happiness.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blog Hiatus

(this post is gonna be very very short)

Just for a couple of weeks. Will be back soon peeps. Ciao!

( see, told ya. haha! )

Friday, June 04, 2010

I wanna be a billionaire

Remember this post? This item is one of the things in my wishlist for my birthday this year. Since no one gave it to me. I buy one for myself..

I heart this Magic 8 Ball!!

I decided to dedicate one post for this magic 8 ball because when I asked

" Should I write about Magic 8 Ball on my blog? "

The answer is...
WITHOUT A DOUBT.. ( hehehe )

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

and it's June already

And it rains a lot! Super- a- lot today.

I drove to Luyang to settle some urusan at Wisma Prudential. The journey from Tamparuli going there was hell for me.

Super heavy rain, wiper on fastest mode still can't see jalan. Then got stupid Kancil drove beside caused big splash to my car. Then for a few seconds I can't see anything and the car almost thrown to the side.

Am thanking my lucky stars for not involving in an accident tadi.

The journey back home is another nightmare.

From Luyang, headed to Jalan Tuaran. Passed City Mall. Iramanis banjir. OMG! I am praying so that my petite Miss Viva can swim through.

Iramanis passed. Then traffic light before the chinese cemetery. More banjir. OMG! I did the sign of the cross and give encouragement to Miss Viva. ( encouragement to myself more likely )


Then planned to head off to Likas to go city centre. Then near the entrance to the Anglican Cemetery pun banjir. OMG OMG! Then curi a U-turn go back to Jalan Tuaran and headed to 1Borneo instead.

In front of 1Borneo also banjir ( near Alamesra side ). OMG OMG OMG! Sudah la I really wanna go to the loo that time, hujan lagi, sejuk lagi, banjirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lagi. Soi betul lah.

But I am very happy I manage to sampai 1Borneo and go toilet and go kencing. Hahahahaha!

So, while waiting for updates from my cousin about the flood before I can go back. I decide to go for a yoga session at the gym. Good also la got membership at the gym there. Can go as I like.

Journey home another nightmare. I heard from my cousin that the KKIP way can go back home because Tebobon and Telipok macam belum clear. But the problem is KKIP way I am not very sure. Gasak saja la. Haha.

I try to remember the jalan ( not so sure still ) , just follow the car infront la. Hoping that they are not lost too. LOL

Long journey back home. I finally made it. Phew! Memang salah hari la pilih go KK today. Boohoo!


On another note, I trim my hair myself today. Haha. Gatal tangan kan. Layer it myself. Then jadi like this...

camwhore lagi...ahahaha. rambut cacat sudah. hehe

my latest obsession

VICTOR KIM of Quest Crew
why you ask?

1) He well, very well... ( aaaaaaaahhh, I scream! )

2) He sings ... ahhh ( again I scream! )..and he plays a few more instruments ( ukulele, guitar, drums )

3) And again he do sing and such a romantic at heart... see this video he did for his girlfriend ( so sweet ) ~ and ooh he paints too..

4) His mata sepet..ahahahahahaha... ( I always think guys with mata sepet is hot .. ahakz! )