Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mother F*cker

Women complain a lot -- he said

You watch and judge for yourself.

Is this a really good stand up comedy or it's the reality?



chegu carol said...

i never actually like chris rock. i think he's not funny. even last time yg dia ada jadi mc tu ntah apa punya red carpet event pun, sa meradang ni tingu dia.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

err...reality? XD

Anonymous said...

He wouldn't be up there if he wanted to seriously tick off people. In essence, everybody complains... but sadly, at 4:40, I came across a local beauty who said this in front of my friend's face a while back...

"You between jobs? It means you're jobless right? How you gonna pay for my drink?" - she assumed he was broke when actually he wasn't.

Materialism... it can sure transform a good looking person into an ugly SOB in seconds.

Gallivanter said...

Well, as a comedian, it's their "duty" to generalize else jokes may not come off well. Having said that, Chris Rock borders annoyance most of the time.

Now Jeff Dunham and Achmed, that's comedy! :-)