Wednesday, July 31, 2013

W - is for Wednesdays ( Bridezilla )

What are the symptoms of Bridezilla?When I read articles about Bridezilla(s) am almost or partly it and half of me is the anti-bride.

Anti-bride is defined to be those who don't fancy the So I guess am a crossover of this two persona.

My wedding is pretty much scattered with a lot of DIY things in which things that I did the research and execute it myself. Right from the designing, the folding, the crafting. Am thanking God for my wonderful family for lending a hand on this tedious (crazy) task. I can't do those things alone. Although they might not understand why I wanted to do everything on my own, but they still help. I hate those people who are all talk but no help punya type. 

I understand people won't get it why I wanted to do things my way. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So do I. Besides its me and the mister's wedding, not theirs. Hmpph! Some even question why I choose to do the tedious details for the wedding invitation (yes, folding the doilies and crafting it). I always have the option to choose the easy way (get a vendor and let them do it for you). But I choose the road less taken. The design of the card, the color, the envelopes, the font are all the things that I like. Being creative is the satisfaction although its painful. I don't live for the compliment of others.

I guess there's a lot of hearts are meant to be broken along the way. But I still need to take care of my own (even the mister is giving green light for most of the things, so why bother). As for now, I just can't accept it when the talking become more rampant rather than a helping hand. Kana tulung juga tapi tulung tinguk sama cakap saja. Bikin panas.

So yeah, am the anti-bride and almost a Bridezilla bride to be. Say hello to August and let me panic now. (albeit the existence of checklists. Hahaha. Panic mode on)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wedding Nightmares

This might sound a bit odd. Usually people will have nightmares about ghosts and scary things around but not me as of late. I have been having dreams about my wedding day in which it turn out to be chaotic and so many things not done and such. Last night I dreamed that the wedding choir were doing some Glee-like repertoire during the mass and I forgot my veil and there's no photographer. Sleepless nights, really.

Yes, I am really in a mode where I am actually having anxiety attack from within. Knowing the fact that next week is gonna be August already, I am getting nervous! It's gonna be the 30 days countdown soon and I AM NERVOUS. See how many times am gonna repeat that.

I am scared to fall asleep these days because I don't want to have those bad dreams. Plus, I am missing the mister for almost a month and a half now and it's just my family to fall back to.

At times I feel all I can do to make my mind at peace is pray.

I am really freaking out right now.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday - Things I like #4

Once you started working and life changes from being so care free to be a rat race, things are different. Yes, different in a sense that your goals changed.

From the life of a student to a working adult life. Then; no money but still can have a good time and no worries because there wasn't mortgage and bills to pay. Now; ____ (you fill in the blanks)

So, let us take a step back and reminisce about the good old days.

1) non stop shopping 
Be it window shopping or real shopping. This was something that I should remember and would really like to do it again. There was one time, that me and my bestie Sheila spent like more than 5 hours touring Prangin Mall in Penang, going in and out of shops, trying on clothes and just don't feel tired at all. Punya rajin. I guess nowadays 3 hours non stop shopping is already torturing much. Sakit pinggang, sakit kaki ( maklum la berat badan sudah )

2) party on a weekday
Carpool into one miserable Kancil and party the night away in a club. Go out at least two to three times a week and go swamp the clubs on Ladies Night. Haha. Too broke to buy our own drinks but nonetheless we had fun. And some of my friends lose weight by dancing all through the night.

3) adrenaline escape
Remember Akademi Fantasia? Well, I was an avid fan back then. So, we watched the show finale at a gerai outside campus and totally forgot about the curfew ( the main gate close at midnight ) - climbing the gate to go back is the way to go in. Hey, who got caught by the security guard while running in the dark trying to dodge the beam of the torchlight from the sewel security guards? It was yours truly (plus a few other friends). Fun times!

4) camps 
Good time to escape from the monotony of campus life and also meet new people also go to new places. The cheapest way to travel and socialize. Yea, I met my other half from camps as well. Ahahaha.

5) slumber parties
Crashing in at a friend's house or room and just chat and chat and chat and chat . We talk about anything and everything ( and also read tarot cards to tell about the future. Hahahahaha ) I remember having an extra key for my bestie's hostel room. I was like the other extra room mate who is forever there.

Things were much simpler then huh? Ah, the elixir of youth.

The list goes on. I guess everyone have the memory of youth that you wish you still can do it now.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Doily Frenzy

Painstakingly folded with love for all the invites. Yeah, I am beat. Gotta sleep now. Sambung again tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Haha.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Afternoon naps are luxury items

I am so happy this weekend because I get to do afternoon naps. Man, it is indeed a luxury these days to have those. My weekend is a full on "dunno dun care weekend". I just do the things that I want to do and not the ones that I have to do.

Talking about the things that I want to do; I remember when I was growing up I always pretend that I am reading news. I will just grab the magazine, newspaper or the bible and read it out loud ala news reader style.

I have tried out two news casting auditions in the past and the third one was last week and I got the call backs. Yeay! starting Monday, am gonna be having intensive daily training to read news on the set. Hopefully if it is my luck, I will have the chance to read the Berita Wilayah on TV1 soon.

Am one of the 3 who got the call backs, my bestie, Clarvie is also one of the 3. So, it is fun to have kawan - It isn't that intimidating.

And the fact about being on camera made you put as if you have gained a few pounds. I guess it is true. Extra gemuk la saya on screen. Perlu kurus lagi.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

W - is for Wednesdays ( Wedding Shoes )

Hey, I am back blogging about weddings. The hectic schedule finally subsided and I can finally breathe again. But nonetheless still busy about the wedding stuff.

So, today's topic is about wedding/bridal shoes. The traditional color choice will always be white or ivory to be worn with the wedding gown. I am still searching for mine. I have 3 choice of colors in my head now ( gold, ivory or blush ) - but I am also considering bold colors like red or yellow.

I am eyeing also a few shoes online apart from browsing the racks at shopping malls. My only problem is usually the heels' height. It is not that I dislike high heels ( I love them! ) but I don't think it's practical ( and comfortable ) to be wearing it on the big day itself ( in which there are SO many other things that I should do and I should be able to "prance" around in my shoes )
Miss Electra Blush
Cranberry Ivory
SMILES by Taylor Says
Melissa Shoes

Mahal la bah semua kan. So, in the mean time, the shoes hunting continues. 

Anyway, I have another news casting audition happening today. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bent but not broken

Monday blues like totally and thanks to the rain, I am tucked in my bed at this hour. Usually I won't be on my bed until its like 1am.

The experience of a day trip shopping to KL was like uhm... I don't think I wanna do it again. Totally an amazing race kinda shopping spree. Sakit badan woi! Testing our stamina and endurance definitely. It was on Sunday so Monday is "lemah longlai" punya hari.

Monday runs like a reel film going fast and kinda lifeless. Went working out but still it's the same. I guess the solemn mood still hovers around since the news of one of my fave Glee star found dead in a hotel in Canada is trending all over social media. Life is definitely short.

There's a demon lurking in
Creeping and stealing what's within
Sometimes things ends without a beginning
What's left a legacy to keep inspiring 

Just keep believing

RIP Cory Monteith.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Tsk tsk tsk. Tamparuli is a caveman area. Huhuhu. Internet here will always be like snail speed. Forever.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hoping for a good night sleep

Am actually finally get to sleep properly tonight. Was hoping to sleep early but the Korean Drama(s) need some catching up. Haha. So while am trying to key in the grades for the "smart" online system; better known as PBS among teachers, the lag in between could actually allow me to watch and "try" to key in. Haha. It is actually very "productive".

I have been sleeping 2 to 3 hours only these few days because of the PBS. I have painstakingly go thru the items and marked it accordingly. In which this agony is because of my own fault for delaying the process which should be done much earlier. ( Hey, can't blame me right, I have a wedding to plan ). Anyway, as the my colleague said "kerja tetap kerja". So a teacher gotta do what a teacher should do. 

And I gave up on keying it in a hurry because I don't see it can be done in like one night. A delayed 7 months work can be done in 24 hours right? So it was definitely a very agonizing week. 

Now that the PBS slip was given to parents today, I am hoping to get a good night sleep. ( yeah, to all teachers who are reading this, I know, explaining the system to the parents is also another thing ). Some of the parents I met was saying " Om nokuro toi ti E nopo ngawi, aiso tanak ku nakaanu A ti? " ( translation: why is there all E here? My kid doesn't get any A? ) Hmmm parents confusion, can't blame them. Kesian the parents.

And another issue, one student came up to me and pointed out why her classmate who had been absent for a couple of months could get the same grade as her in certain subjects. Well, apparently some teachers don't want to agonize over the test items (questions) and grade the students accordingly. 

I agonize over the whole thing, sleepless nights and bad time management but at least I did justice to the students. Stupid system so be it! At least I did my part properly.

Bah, I am trying to sleep this. My biological clock is kinda screwed up because of PBS.

Good night ! 

Monday, July 01, 2013

Eventful July

Hello July! 

I just came back from Kudat for the Sunset music fest. I hope I can blog about that soon. Man! The final week of June was so hectic with school sports day, kursus 1m1s, and the kudat trip. I survived everything juga la. Phew! Right after coming back from Kudat yesterday there was a gig as well for a dinner. Everything back to back.

So, waking up this morning to face Monday is certainly something very hard to do. My room is still in a mess. Laundry to be done. And I am still tired. But I have to work as well right ? So off to school I go even though I am late as usual. Haha

Upon reaching school the next thing I know there was a massive hysteria attack in which more than 10 students are all shouting at different places. Adoi. Sudah la that time is the transition time ( the morning session is going home and the afternoon session is going into classes) - ramai la budak jadi spectator as well as jadi ghostbusters. 

Ada yang lari lari bawa rosary and crucifix. Ada yang sibuk siram siram holy water. Ada lagi yang reciting prayers out loud and of course in between are all the hysteric shouts. Pening-pening. Apparently this is actually the aftermath of the scouts camping yang dorang ada kena kacau "spirits" and now when Monday comes, belum lagi habis the incident. So a hysteria attack marathon it was.

Aaaaaandddd the best thing is I found out I am actually the teacher on duty ( guru bertugas ) this week. Hmppph!! Such an "honor" to attend to an eventful day. So my job today was mostly attending to these cases and ferrying students back to their home.

Totally a manic Monday!