Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wedding Nightmares

This might sound a bit odd. Usually people will have nightmares about ghosts and scary things around but not me as of late. I have been having dreams about my wedding day in which it turn out to be chaotic and so many things not done and such. Last night I dreamed that the wedding choir were doing some Glee-like repertoire during the mass and I forgot my veil and there's no photographer. Sleepless nights, really.

Yes, I am really in a mode where I am actually having anxiety attack from within. Knowing the fact that next week is gonna be August already, I am getting nervous! It's gonna be the 30 days countdown soon and I AM NERVOUS. See how many times am gonna repeat that.

I am scared to fall asleep these days because I don't want to have those bad dreams. Plus, I am missing the mister for almost a month and a half now and it's just my family to fall back to.

At times I feel all I can do to make my mind at peace is pray.

I am really freaking out right now.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

Biasa la tu,wedding jitters.ceh,like i know anything kan.haha. Nah,u'l get through it. When u wall down the aisle :)

Jue said...

Don't worry dear...Everthing will be fine..