Wednesday, July 17, 2013

W - is for Wednesdays ( Wedding Shoes )

Hey, I am back blogging about weddings. The hectic schedule finally subsided and I can finally breathe again. But nonetheless still busy about the wedding stuff.

So, today's topic is about wedding/bridal shoes. The traditional color choice will always be white or ivory to be worn with the wedding gown. I am still searching for mine. I have 3 choice of colors in my head now ( gold, ivory or blush ) - but I am also considering bold colors like red or yellow.

I am eyeing also a few shoes online apart from browsing the racks at shopping malls. My only problem is usually the heels' height. It is not that I dislike high heels ( I love them! ) but I don't think it's practical ( and comfortable ) to be wearing it on the big day itself ( in which there are SO many other things that I should do and I should be able to "prance" around in my shoes )
Miss Electra Blush
Cranberry Ivory
SMILES by Taylor Says
Melissa Shoes

Mahal la bah semua kan. So, in the mean time, the shoes hunting continues. 

Anyway, I have another news casting audition happening today. Wish me luck!

1 comment:

chegu carol said...

Yellow! Something that will take our eyes off for a long time while you walk down the aisle :D

and good luck!