Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hoping for a good night sleep

Am actually finally get to sleep properly tonight. Was hoping to sleep early but the Korean Drama(s) need some catching up. Haha. So while am trying to key in the grades for the "smart" online system; better known as PBS among teachers, the lag in between could actually allow me to watch and "try" to key in. Haha. It is actually very "productive".

I have been sleeping 2 to 3 hours only these few days because of the PBS. I have painstakingly go thru the items and marked it accordingly. In which this agony is because of my own fault for delaying the process which should be done much earlier. ( Hey, can't blame me right, I have a wedding to plan ). Anyway, as the my colleague said "kerja tetap kerja". So a teacher gotta do what a teacher should do. 

And I gave up on keying it in a hurry because I don't see it can be done in like one night. A delayed 7 months work can be done in 24 hours right? So it was definitely a very agonizing week. 

Now that the PBS slip was given to parents today, I am hoping to get a good night sleep. ( yeah, to all teachers who are reading this, I know, explaining the system to the parents is also another thing ). Some of the parents I met was saying " Om nokuro toi ti E nopo ngawi, aiso tanak ku nakaanu A ti? " ( translation: why is there all E here? My kid doesn't get any A? ) Hmmm parents confusion, can't blame them. Kesian the parents.

And another issue, one student came up to me and pointed out why her classmate who had been absent for a couple of months could get the same grade as her in certain subjects. Well, apparently some teachers don't want to agonize over the test items (questions) and grade the students accordingly. 

I agonize over the whole thing, sleepless nights and bad time management but at least I did justice to the students. Stupid system so be it! At least I did my part properly.

Bah, I am trying to sleep this. My biological clock is kinda screwed up because of PBS.

Good night ! 

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