Wednesday, July 31, 2013

W - is for Wednesdays ( Bridezilla )

What are the symptoms of Bridezilla?When I read articles about Bridezilla(s) am almost or partly it and half of me is the anti-bride.

Anti-bride is defined to be those who don't fancy the So I guess am a crossover of this two persona.

My wedding is pretty much scattered with a lot of DIY things in which things that I did the research and execute it myself. Right from the designing, the folding, the crafting. Am thanking God for my wonderful family for lending a hand on this tedious (crazy) task. I can't do those things alone. Although they might not understand why I wanted to do everything on my own, but they still help. I hate those people who are all talk but no help punya type. 

I understand people won't get it why I wanted to do things my way. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So do I. Besides its me and the mister's wedding, not theirs. Hmpph! Some even question why I choose to do the tedious details for the wedding invitation (yes, folding the doilies and crafting it). I always have the option to choose the easy way (get a vendor and let them do it for you). But I choose the road less taken. The design of the card, the color, the envelopes, the font are all the things that I like. Being creative is the satisfaction although its painful. I don't live for the compliment of others.

I guess there's a lot of hearts are meant to be broken along the way. But I still need to take care of my own (even the mister is giving green light for most of the things, so why bother). As for now, I just can't accept it when the talking become more rampant rather than a helping hand. Kana tulung juga tapi tulung tinguk sama cakap saja. Bikin panas.

So yeah, am the anti-bride and almost a Bridezilla bride to be. Say hello to August and let me panic now. (albeit the existence of checklists. Hahaha. Panic mode on)

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