Friday, September 30, 2016

#TamparuliFreeMarket a success

I was back in Tamparuli last weekend for this event. It is being organized by me and a few friends. Yeay to humanity works. I have attended a "free market" before in PJ in 2014 and I was totally confused back then. So, when I introduced the idea to the community in Tamparuli. They are equally confused too. I am guessing this is normal lah.

I am thankful to have supportive family to be doing this event. I started setting up the place as early as 1pm. The event will only start at 3pm but I guess it is better to be there early at Bukit Ruhiang View Food Court and get things prepared.

bukit ruhiang view food court

Blocked off a few parking lots in front of the shop. Well, since the shop where the market will be is at a block where it is the only one there (for now), I practically can just do anything with the space there. Miahaha! 

Contributors came as early as 2pm to set up their place and the crowd starts to build up around 2.30pm. They were so eager! I guess because it is FREE. Everything is FREE.

tamparuli free market

tamparuli free market

tamparuli free market

tamparuli free market

tamparuli free market

tamparuli free market

tamparuli free market

I emceed the free market. It really brought back the memories when I used to emcee a lot for events. Hahaha. Talked so much! Really satisfied my craving to talk so much in front of the crowd. By 3pm, everyone can start their "trade". The crowd was fast as well by 3.20pm, everything has cleared. When I attended the PJ Free Market. It took like an hour for the things to finish. I guess the people in Tamparuli love free stuff or rather they really need a lot of stuff.

tamparuli free market

tamparuli free market

tamparuli free market

tamparuli free market

The event attracted around 10 contributors and a throng of crowd. I guess next time, if Tamparuli Free Market will be organized again, there should be more contributors joining in. One interesting story that moved me to tears that happened during the market was a family looking through the dresses that me and my sisters put out for free. It was the dresses that we used to wear during one of performances last time back in 2009 or 2010 like that. "Nah, ada sudah satu set baju krismas kita" - I cried! Knowing that the dresses had been collecting dust all this while in the closet and now it become something useful for someone else. Ah, it is such a happy feeling. 

Perhaps join us next time ya as a contributor. 

jadesisters tamparuli free market
here are my sisters! and the mister on the right with his back at the camera

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mandala Bed Cover

Nice or not?

Bought this online and am so in love with the soft grey colored Mandala pattern. The size is big enough to cover a King size bed.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

I sleep way too much

I have been sleeping way too much and the dissertation deadline is not actually helping. the progress is slow. again, i feel like giving up. lonely journey indeed.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Friday, September 09, 2016

I am a FUJI

FUJI - Future U-Jam Instructor! 

I signed up for another instructor training. This time it is for U-Jam, a dance fitness with world beats incorporating loads of urban flavors. Really something new from the previous certification I had which was Zumba and Hot Hula. It's very hip hop and urban. Not much of a butt shaking kinda moves but more to the I-got-swag kinda vibe. Very interesting. I really hope this new knowledge could give me a better edge as a dance fitness instructor.

A totally fun filled weekend with new connections from networking during the training. Amazing trainer from the States, Chansada Sonesing. Very inspirational. I love the fact that he made everyone remember everybody's name. I have never experienced that in any training before. The beauty of connection and the emphasis of Unity in the program.
With Chansada aka Chin Solo

Yeah, we made it! And now we need to practice so that the video assessment can be done and sent to the assessment team pronto. Really need to get over and done with ASAP.