Friday, November 03, 2017

Babywearing Experience: Lenny Lamb Smoki Wrap Review

I am a newbie in babywearing. Just sharing my experience with this Lenny Lamb Smoki in Black and White (Size 4). Second hand bought from a member of the Malaysian Babywearers FSOT group. The previous owner had taken care the wrap well I must say. Lennylamb released this in 2015. So it is like 2 years old already.

I love it because it is a size 4, well broken in and most of all it is in Black and White. I am slowly loving all the monochromes wraps these days. 

Dual purpose (always!)

Lenny lamb as I heard has one of the softest wraps. Well this one is broken in well and the support it provides for my little one is great! No sagging at all. It has quite a dense weave I must say and it is not as airy as my Fidella wrap (could be due to the gram-mage difference ; I don't know. Too lazy to check).

For now, this is my go to wrap especially at home because of the handsome color and also the size. I have another size 4 but it is in rainbow color. I am just not feeling very rainbow-ish these days. Might be putting that up for sale soon.