Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friendster? What?

Anyone here who doesn't know what is Friendster? It was "the" social networking portal back then. Now, it's all Facebook everywhere.

Remember friendships made and broken over Friendster?

I still remember after one AGM gone wrong back in Uni, everyone were lashing out their anger on Friendster.

Yahhhh..and the testimonials column. Reading back. What were we thinking? Testimonials for real. Check this out.
Those were the early days, not long after that it turned to serve the purpose of a notice board already.

Remember romances started and some break up(s) over Friendster?

Those days when people start to get to know each other or rather trying to make the first move by checking out the "potentials" profiles.

Oooh and the ultimate was when you put a hot and attractive primary picture of yours; tons of friend requests will follow after. Put the picture of your cat, then everything turns lukewarm. Really!!!

But the most painful thing that I have to endure while browsing through my Friendster page was the fact that I once was once below 50kg. Bisuk sa mau start jogging la ni!

This is the most ancient pic I have on my profile, taken with a camera phone of a friend of mine.

First year in Uni face, 18 years old. Hah! Now, I iz so fat! FML FML FML FML FML FML

And oh my first blog was on Friendster Blogs as well! ( Damn, ancient man! )

I only started blogging on Blogger on Sept 2006.

Here is the museum of my blog ; Beautiful Nightmare <- such a lame name, don't laugh!

Some people may have deactivate their account. I choose to make it remain dormant like that.

Do you still have your Friendster account?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

One of the things that kept me busy the whole weekend

above ( before destruction )
below ( after the attack of the kids )

Random Weekends

I long for weekends that I just don't have to do anything.

I long for the time when I look at my room; everything is in order. - and clean.

I long for the moment when I go into my car, no dust and dirt flying everywhere. It's coming to 3 months since I last clean my car.

I am just not sure whether its because I am lazy, no time, plainly busy or am the princess of procrastination.

I am pretty sure that its the combination of everything.

Seriously, I really need some encouragement to get my life in order.

Anyway, we have a new addition to our family. -> The naughty but cute; Cholo
Oh ya, and I bought this from Pink Apple Design. This is my second purchase. And I love this item a lot because it can fit in my purse and phone perfectly. Ngam2 bah!

Also, I went to Lintas to buy some baking supplies and I dropped by at Boutique Cupcakes. I really love the place. Very cosy. And everything inside the shop ( deco and the cupcakes ) is SO me! Will definitely pay a second visit next time.

I want to visit Cupcake Calendar. Its another cupcake shop next door. Macam rival saja ni dorang. hehe. Slightly smaller than Boutique Cupcakes, it looks cosy from outside ni. Nanti la pigi.

Cherry Blossom cupcake.. Love the filling too! YUM!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

low batt

Maybe it's my sleeping cycle has been disrupted. Or I am plainly exhausted.

Lately I am always sleepy. While typing this also I am struggling to stay awake.

Oh my.

Anyway, just sharing two videos. Performances of me and my sisters during a recent event.

And each of this song has interesting stories that comes with it

First, this one.

Siok-siok nyanyi then the guitar fell. The expressions on our faces were funny. Terkejut bah tapi nda bulih berhenti tengah jalan ni. Nyanyi saja lah. Haha

Then this original song of ours making its debut to the public on that very same event.

Composed and written by my sisters. The night prior to the event we were rehearsing at home and the last part. Acapella ending, we sang nicely. But much to our surprise that time everyone were wondering who sang the melody because all of us did our voicings.

We were like

" Sepa nyanyi suara satu tadi tu? Ko ka? " .. "Err tiada semua kita nyanyi voicing tu.."

So, hmmm.. This song entitled Janji, we also called it lagu berhantu.

Anyway, enjoy and tell me what you think?

A new week

I woke up yesterday thinking that it was Friday.

Monday is the beginning of the week. How on earth I could assume that it was Friday? I guess my mind was really focused on weekends only.

Yea, seriously. Thats the only time that I really look forward to. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday..just pass like a dream.

Anyway, just wanna share a story.

I was driving to dance class last night and I was doing a 60 on the left lane. Then came this Viva from the right lane trying to go to left ( signals on, i was aware the car cutting in ) BUT this Viva was cutting lane dangerously.

The car just swerve to my car almost..almost..banging me. Frantically I pressed the horn so many times.. Being defensive I swerved my wheels to the left like in a sudden motion. In that split second, I almost lost control of my car.

I am thanking God for being with me that time I guess. I managed to get in control. The road was uphill and at a bend lagi tu.

If I swerved too much to the left, I will crash to the rocky cliff of the hill

If I swerve too much to the right, another car from the right lane might bang me.

Oh Lord. I was so shaken by the incident. Bagus-bagus sa drive slow2 di lane kiri pun hampir2 kecelakaan.

I hate you that other Viva Driver!!!

After that kan, tidak berani bah dia mau potong saya.. The Viva slowed down so much after that. I was hoping the car will potong me again cos I want to see the plate number..

I guess dia takut sudah tu..Hmpph..

Friday, October 15, 2010

hiatus mode

Long hiatus.

Busy busy days..

Oh just to tell you all to visit my online store.

Updated for the OCTOBER sale!

Click here to be directed to the site.

Thursday, October 07, 2010


I think I am one of the people who are very indecisive.

I am a master of building castles in the air. I have mastered the craft since I was small up until now. But I am seriously lacking the part of making things happen from my thoughts to concrete things.

My ideas usually are all over the place. And places where I usually get inspiration for major ideas are while listening to sermon in church ( haha, ketara tidak mendengar; daydreaming saja ) and while I am in the toilet.. ( ini lagi opposite of the first one )

One thing in common though is ideas came pouring in when I am sitting down. Haha

So, I don't want to let this castles merely built on air. I must do something about it.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

October eh?

I heard its the PINK October.. Breasts Cancer Awareness Month eh? I am an avid supporter. My whole blog is pink. All year long some more. Haha.

Anyway, it's October already. Time flies and it waits for no man. October and coming November means its gonna be a busy busy month at school. Exam. Paper marking. Serah tugas and what not. Students gonna be rejoicing because the long holidays is coming.

I reminisce the years of high school after seeing my schoolmates at my friend's wedding recently. Some of them I haven't met for almost ten years. Hopefully the idea to have that big reunion after ten years is gonna be a reality. Tapi macam tiada organizer pun tu..

Congratulations Trinna and spouse! ~tidak sempat take pic with the husband. Semua aramaitii sudah..
Best wishes for the future.. If you ada anak nanti, I still wanna be called "kakak" okay. Don't want Aunty. ^_^

Friends who attended the reception ( Left to Right )

Debbie - The soft spoken one and always the good listener. Best friend time jamboree BIMP-EAGA ni...tukang kasi kawan pigi mandi jam 3 pagi.

Yours Truly - masi pendek.nda pandai tinggi2. Thank God for high heels. Yay!

Ejun - I always remember she jual burger or nasi lemak from room to room for supper. And we wont go buy from her awal2 cos we wanna aim for the lelong period which gonna be around midnight time. Haha

Sai - The tall one. One of the best netball player our school team got. Paling sporting ni. Dia lah yang paling lama nda jumpa until now.

Geraint - the ex boyfriend.alright.full stop.haha.

How nice if the others can make it. It's quite hard for us to kumpul back because our school is in Kuching and we come from various places in Sabah. So, now everyone is with their career, we are again scattered around.

Can notice who is who?

L-R: Ejun, Karol, Azlina, Trinna, Felly, (yours truly), Debby, Sai