Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A new week

I woke up yesterday thinking that it was Friday.

Monday is the beginning of the week. How on earth I could assume that it was Friday? I guess my mind was really focused on weekends only.

Yea, seriously. Thats the only time that I really look forward to. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday..just pass like a dream.

Anyway, just wanna share a story.

I was driving to dance class last night and I was doing a 60 on the left lane. Then came this Viva from the right lane trying to go to left ( signals on, i was aware the car cutting in ) BUT this Viva was cutting lane dangerously.

The car just swerve to my car almost..almost..banging me. Frantically I pressed the horn so many times.. Being defensive I swerved my wheels to the left like in a sudden motion. In that split second, I almost lost control of my car.

I am thanking God for being with me that time I guess. I managed to get in control. The road was uphill and at a bend lagi tu.

If I swerved too much to the left, I will crash to the rocky cliff of the hill

If I swerve too much to the right, another car from the right lane might bang me.

Oh Lord. I was so shaken by the incident. Bagus-bagus sa drive slow2 di lane kiri pun hampir2 kecelakaan.

I hate you that other Viva Driver!!!

After that kan, tidak berani bah dia mau potong saya.. The Viva slowed down so much after that. I was hoping the car will potong me again cos I want to see the plate number..

I guess dia takut sudah tu..Hmpph..

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