Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Weekends

I long for weekends that I just don't have to do anything.

I long for the time when I look at my room; everything is in order. - and clean.

I long for the moment when I go into my car, no dust and dirt flying everywhere. It's coming to 3 months since I last clean my car.

I am just not sure whether its because I am lazy, no time, plainly busy or am the princess of procrastination.

I am pretty sure that its the combination of everything.

Seriously, I really need some encouragement to get my life in order.

Anyway, we have a new addition to our family. -> The naughty but cute; Cholo
Oh ya, and I bought this from Pink Apple Design. This is my second purchase. And I love this item a lot because it can fit in my purse and phone perfectly. Ngam2 bah!

Also, I went to Lintas to buy some baking supplies and I dropped by at Boutique Cupcakes. I really love the place. Very cosy. And everything inside the shop ( deco and the cupcakes ) is SO me! Will definitely pay a second visit next time.

I want to visit Cupcake Calendar. Its another cupcake shop next door. Macam rival saja ni dorang. hehe. Slightly smaller than Boutique Cupcakes, it looks cosy from outside ni. Nanti la pigi.

Cherry Blossom cupcake.. Love the filling too! YUM!

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