Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friendster? What?

Anyone here who doesn't know what is Friendster? It was "the" social networking portal back then. Now, it's all Facebook everywhere.

Remember friendships made and broken over Friendster?

I still remember after one AGM gone wrong back in Uni, everyone were lashing out their anger on Friendster.

Yahhhh..and the testimonials column. Reading back. What were we thinking? Testimonials for real. Check this out.
Those were the early days, not long after that it turned to serve the purpose of a notice board already.

Remember romances started and some break up(s) over Friendster?

Those days when people start to get to know each other or rather trying to make the first move by checking out the "potentials" profiles.

Oooh and the ultimate was when you put a hot and attractive primary picture of yours; tons of friend requests will follow after. Put the picture of your cat, then everything turns lukewarm. Really!!!

But the most painful thing that I have to endure while browsing through my Friendster page was the fact that I once was once below 50kg. Bisuk sa mau start jogging la ni!

This is the most ancient pic I have on my profile, taken with a camera phone of a friend of mine.

First year in Uni face, 18 years old. Hah! Now, I iz so fat! FML FML FML FML FML FML

And oh my first blog was on Friendster Blogs as well! ( Damn, ancient man! )

I only started blogging on Blogger on Sept 2006.

Here is the museum of my blog ; Beautiful Nightmare <- such a lame name, don't laugh!

Some people may have deactivate their account. I choose to make it remain dormant like that.

Do you still have your Friendster account?


Annie said...

Yes but I'm in dilemma whether to delete or to keep it.. Haha..

Rose Ragai said...

i still have mine.. but lama tia pi lawat suda... got my 1st blog there too.. he he he

chegu carol said...

mine deleted sudah.
i dont blog with friendster. instead i use but itu pun sudah deleted. sayang juga lah itu archives suma.....

Lindut a.k.a Carmel said... sdh block FS sa sbb sama jg x dpt check di maktab..ka block kunun padahal FB tidak pula kena block..

Mimi said...

I deleted my friendster account because kena hacked. I started blogging there too.

TaQuiLa said...

mine oredy delete..heeee..

oh oh, i still remeber the gaduh2 at AGM and also the pool party..sexey kita dulu kan? Yummyyy oooo

TaQuiLa said...

mine oredy delete..heeee..

oh oh, i still remeber the gaduh2 at AGM and also the pool party..sexey kita dulu kan? Yummyyy oooo

Pammie Pajammie said...

I've deleted my Friendster account after Facebook became so famous. Sampai sa announce2 di Friendster "im going to delete this account, please add me on facebook" hahahaa!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

i have deleted mine. there were compromising photos that i thought looked 'cool'. hah.

Claire said...

Haha..ya bah. masih ada lagi tu frenster sy juga. i did have my blog on fs juga..n those ancient p check balik la ni..