Thursday, October 07, 2010


I think I am one of the people who are very indecisive.

I am a master of building castles in the air. I have mastered the craft since I was small up until now. But I am seriously lacking the part of making things happen from my thoughts to concrete things.

My ideas usually are all over the place. And places where I usually get inspiration for major ideas are while listening to sermon in church ( haha, ketara tidak mendengar; daydreaming saja ) and while I am in the toilet.. ( ini lagi opposite of the first one )

One thing in common though is ideas came pouring in when I am sitting down. Haha

So, I don't want to let this castles merely built on air. I must do something about it.


Mom Daughter Style said...

that is a nice photo.

i understand about ideas being all over the place

Gallivanter said...

Castles in the sky, all of us have dreamed about it. But don't brush off ideas, write them down, as maybe many do not make sense, but there will be one or two that gives you a break through in life. :-)