Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wake Me up When September Ends

In fact, I am waking up to a morning of the last day of September today. And tomorrow is the 1st of Oct. Gosh, how time flies!

Raya just passed and in fact still on ( raya kan sebulan..), and can't wait for Christmas also, even though tomorrow baru masuk October. Ooh, btw can't wait for SBG too!! Still undecided on what to wear. Why so susah one??huhu

I seriously doesn't know what to blog about now. Am blogging for the sake of the date. Haha. Since the last exciting holidays, things at work and my daily life seems so ordinary now. Yea, things are getting back to normal but activity at work seems to be picking up. Extra classes day in and day out.

"Me and my heart, we got la la" --> You know the song? Sigh, it pretty much sums up my emotion for the time being.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"The" Sunday

Things are slowly turning back to normal after much of the hoo-haa during the past few days during this raya break.

And I can say that this is one of the most happening break that I am having. It was fun, especially the reunion of friends and families. Loving the moment.

In the meantime, gotta tune back to working mode by today. I just realized also that September is coming to an end. Geez, how time flies!

Anyway, blog hiatus = to these things.

My holidays kicked off with a journey to Keningau. My first time there. ^_^. Yes, I am a Sabahan who doesn't go touring around my state that much...I know..

Congratulations to Sheila and Don for their engagement.
Looking forward for your wedding..Haha.
Saja mau bagi pressure ni so that you two set the date awal-awal.


After Keningau, then Ranau. The owh-yeah trip! Don't ask why owh-yeah. The driver and the kucing from Sarawak punya story that one. Ask them.

First, go hari Raya at Alvin's place.
And after that..teman this two hyppo berendam di Poring. Haha

The fun continues when a few of my unimates meet up in KK for a yamcha session + plus the bowling earlier. Check in FB for videos. Memalukan!!!
The camaraderie...miss you people la!


A concluding event. Again Krazy Kazens hitting the Karaoke place again. Why always there?..Hmm. I don't know, maybe its in our genes that we love singing very much. It runs in the blood. Aramai ti saja!
Bukan selalu bah kan. ^_^


School will resume tomorrow. It's always a Hallelujah for holidays. Why not for work, I wonder?

holidays coming to the end


~one of the things that I did this hols. Just for fun la, don't complain if sumbang. Haha

the rest will be up later. summarized version, perhaps.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Blog Hiatus ~ Raya

Need to detox

Pics to be edited

SKT to be completed

So many great events, soon to be documented here..

All the to be(s)...

Blog hiatus

Saturday, September 19, 2009

He should be playing his cards right

Apparently this Hafiz is not humored by the concerns of East Malaysians towards certain things. [link]

My two cents worth on this:

Who is slamming the peninsular states anyway for Malayan imperialism? Hmmm. No one has been slamming the "states". It has been the government all along.

And about the March election, it is not the people's fault that they choose the government over at this side of Malaysia...and when the reps failed, people still do complain. Life's like that lah. What to do. We want to complain..kami punya mulut juga bah, nda suka dingar tutup telinga.

Over representation in the parliament. Hmmm. Maybe those population thingy is not the main factor that will decide how many seats will be allocated, it's the keluasan jajahan. So that the orang utans and monkeys can be saved too because there are in the jungle. LOL! Kidding..Oh wait, I scared that Hafiz will read this and he will be pissed off because he doesn't get "humoured" especially by East Malaysian remarks.. ^_^

Anyway, I do agree sometimes East Malaysian have too much to complain about and having inferiority complex towards our West counterparts.

Yet, one thing this fella should know is that the political scene here in East Malaysia is totally different from the peninsular.

If in peninsular, one propaganda being posted on a blog. A whole army of people will start to talk about it and tables can be turned.

Yet here, one propaganda being disguised as a bantuan bekalan gas dan dapur, especially to the rural kampung folks ;can definitely make them root to those who gave them that help.


And so I've visited the floating bookshop. It was a super sunny day today. Thank God for the umbrella that I always have in the car. Phew!

The ship is not as big as I thought. And hey, the books collection was not that extensive yet it was still very interesting.

So me and my sisters went around.

I noticed there are a lot of children books and books on Christianity.

I wanted to buy this..
but I guess it will only collect dust or at the end of reading the book, I will be too wise for my age..LOL!

and there are many-many types of bibles too..kinda freaked me out though. hehe
So many types of bible sampai "every man's bible" pun ada.. So, I think my aim to find any books on new age stuff will be futile la since religion rules here. Tarot cards = nada!

And ah! my long-forgotten interest..Astronomy.
Tidak beli juga..huhu.

In the end...

just camwhore la..haha

Uhuhu..such nice abs! Bilakah????

Owh..the MV Doulos will still be here till the 20th. So do go and visit even if you don't plan to buy any books. It is the historical value and interesting stories that draw me to visit the ship and indeed the sentimental historical values hit me. Besides the crew are all warm and cheerful too.

Those with little kids will benefit the most out of any visit. The children books are a lot!

Anyway, just wear nice and comfy footwear because the stairs are scary I tell you.
High heels will send you tumbling down.

You also will get a postcard at the end of your visit. Bah pigi lah, still got time.

Eid Mubarak!

Here is to wishing my friends and relatives who are celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr

Open i come. Miahaha!

p.s: Ignore the hideous model + the headscarf, I am bored at this moment. That is the result of it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

a 180 degree turn

I was just about to rejoice and be happy for the nice Thursday at work. It is completely a 180 degrees turn at home.


Anyway, I am not in a very good mood now. Sulk-sulk-sulk.

And ooh.. I am totally hating that facebook apps that can automatically tag your friends. There are some like the zodiac and personality things not so bad la. Still okay, the tag list is not as long as the one "Top Friends - September".

The tag list for that one is just like OMG. I had a hard time to find my name to remove the tag.

Peeps, *esp those who like to use these apps* I love you all. But, things are getting way out of control especially when my inbox is filled with the nonsense-too-much updates. I know I can turn off that feature yet I do want updates from tags that I value important.

So, before you click that button~ think twice .. or more than that. A click can make one life to be miserable.

Like me..right now.. T_T

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Your Name, My Name

This survey was done in Britain. I wonder here in Malaysia, what would it be? Haha.

It's Malas Sia day

Supposedly Malaysia Day lah!

Yes, 16th of September. Public holidays ~ only in Sabah though. Haha.

So, in my very shallow kinda thinking now. Sabah = Malaysia. Sarawak + Peninsular = Not Malaysia.

LOL! Joking...

For me it's not about having the public holidays or not. It's about how the society remember, commemorates and define the 16th of September.

Independence of Malaya was on the 31st of Aug 1957. Technically, 52 years of independence belongs to Malaya. But, we ( Malaysians ) should also be grateful for this event because without it there will be no Malaysia 6 years later from that date.

Hence, the 16th of September should be celebrated as the birth of Malaysia. 46 years it is this year.

Talking about this will bring us to a dead end and it will always resurface time and time again when 16th of Sept approaches. Remember my post about this last year? [link]

So, wish one another "Selamat Hari Merdeka untuk Malaya!" on the 31st of Aug and "Selamat Hari Malaysia" on the 16th of Sept.

Public holiday or not. It is the thought and gratitude that counts.


On another note, I am supposed to finish some scheduled task today but since it is Malas Sia ( I-am-lazy) day too. I failed. Haha

Monday, September 14, 2009

Haywired Day

First of all, gonna keep this post short and simple. It is all because I officially misplaced my brain today.

It was not simply just because I woke up at the wrong side of the bed this morning, it was definitely hari yang malang.

The day started off normal like any other usual Monday morning, busy doing some scheduled and delayed tasks and a phone call at 10.40am made go running around the house to get ready to school like crazy.

Shower + Wash hair + Get dressed = School + Rambut tidak kering + Mood not

Extra class at 11am it was. Damn!

Anyway, I looked like someone who just got out from bed today. Bad hair day some more. Even the students asked me why I looked like baru bangun. Cis. Thanks to Dazeree, the hairband bagi pinjam kept me looking sane *at least*

Bad hair day doesn't just end like that. It was a BAD day.

~I tripped while walking in the rain with my laptop. (thus resulting to the next item)

~I broke my heels. (have to tip toe while walking for the rest of the day because of this).

~I went to the wrong class and the students were shocked to see me ( bikin malu saja - tapi nasib pandai cover line. haha. siap mau start lesson lagi sudah tu )

~ I can't find my car keys when I wanted to go home from work and I have to search through my bags ( two bags ah ) twice only to find it in a small zip compartment where I always put it. Doh!

Owh, I gotta search my brain back. Don't know where is it now.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sistem Maklumat Murid

Directly translated as Student's Information Database *I think~ brain can't seem to function very well now.. sleep deprived*

For the record, this is the only thing that can keep me to stay up all night until the break of dawn (period ). With the exception of the heydays when I used to party till sunrise. LOL. Even assignments during uni years just managed to keep me up till 3 to 4 o'clock in the morning.

SMM kept me awake till 6 am! Urgh! Lucky got internet and msn *wink*

Anyway, it won't be as bad as this if I had done this not as a last minute job. Well, old habits is the hardest to kill. Since uni years till now, the last minute job is always part of the thrill. Haha.

Kinda missing the pressure and adrenaline rush of getting the job done just merely hours before its due. Re-living it again last night.

p.s: I am SO hating drop down menus in the forms.. Cilaka!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


3 things for a better Malaysia
1) Laughter
2) Dancing
3) Karaoke


worth watching clips at

Respect, understanding and good food
It's the recipe that keeps us together

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

pink cupcakes

it's a cupcake and it's pink!

there's just something ...

..that I can't explain why it will definitely make me go gaga over it

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


who says long crowning glory is the ultimate thing in hotness?

short bob is so in now..take cue from Rihanna, Vic Beckham and among others

currently am loving Frankie Sanford's hairdo..

ooh. I missed having short hair.

p.s: this was like ages ago.. 2005 was it? so lama oh.

( the downside of having a short hair that it takes a very long time to panjang again~ sigh!)