Saturday, June 30, 2012

What is happening tomorrow?

Well, it's gonna be July and officially we are halfway through the year. Any of the resolution items being done already. Must do a spotcheck on that eh?

Also on the 1st July this is what gonna happen :-



Get ready to cheer on your favourite school team as My School Rocks! 2012 auditions kick off!
Taking place in Kota Kinabalu on Sunday 1 July at the Foo Chow Association, it’s set to be a rocking good time for all the teams as well as their supporters, because the teams with the most enthusiastic fans will be given an award for the Most Supportive School (“Anugerah Sekolah Paling Bersemangat”) on the audition day! 
My School Rocks! 2012 is open to all students of government and international schools, with two categories: Primary School Category for ages 7-12, and Secondary School Category for ages 13-17. Each team has between three and eight members, and this year, and they’ll be dancing to their song of choice, selected from one of 12 different Disney Channel albums, including the latest Lemonade Mouth and Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Beyond the Second Dimension soundtracks!
Auditions will be judged by celebrity judges Linda Jasmine and Sazzy Falak as well as by public voting – after each audition, the top team from each category will have their audition video posted online from 28 July to 12 August, with the public’s vote accounting for 50% of each team’s points. Meanwhile the remaining 50% will be awarded by the judges on choreography; showmanship; props and costumes; teamwork and sportsmanship; and dance concept.
To help the students fine-tune their dance routine and choreography, the first 50 schools that registered with two teams were given the exclusive privilege to have a personalized dance workshop for their teams. During these 4 hour workshops, instructors from Urban Groove Dance Network (UGDN) were on hand to run through the steps that the teams had choreographed and provided tips on how to improve and give a stunning performance during the auditions.  

 “Be prepared and put in the time and effort to make your choreography and routines as tight as possible,” advised Joel Tan, founder of UGDN. “Secondly, remember to have fun. If it’s too serious, there’s no meaning and it’ll show on your faces. Last but not least, stay original – don’t copy what you see in music videos or on the internet; think out of the box and don’t follow the conventional!”

“I took part in My School Rocks! 2012 because my hobby is dancing and I’m going to rock on that day!” said 9-year-old Lim Wei Lynn from Sekolah Kebangsaan Assunta (1). “I had a lot of fun at the dance workshop and the crew helped us tighten our dance rhythm!”
The winners of My School Rocks! 2012 (Primary and Secondary level) will be announced on 25 August 2012 on Disney Channel (ASTRO Channel 615), with the Grand Prize winners winning a 3-day, 2-night stay at Hong Kong Disneyland, a trophy and certificate, while best Primary and Secondary teams for each state will win a trophy, certificate and a set of musical instruments.

Find out more about My School Rocks! 2012 at – check out the list of approved songs, view last year’s winners and watch music videos for inspiration! You can also follow “@MSR2012Msia” on Twitter and Instagram for live updates during the auditions!

See you there! J

FYI; the Sabah's audition champion for 2011 was SMK Bahang 


Will you be there? I know I have to because my school is participating, not to mention the pain to get them ready for the competition. Sewing project for costumes and choreographing the steps. Hope all gonna be well tomorrow. I don't aim for any placing but I do hope my students will have the best experience and memories that will last a lifetime.


The story behind Secret Recipe

You know, behind every restaurant that is special for someone there's always a story for it.

One of the place for me is the Secret Recipe restaurant.

It was back in the uni years that I first step foot into one. First was during an outing with my girlfriends. I remember being quite anxious when ordering the food because of the price and of course intimidated by the selection of menu. Biasa la kan kampungan.

Then, when I got my first payment for my scholarship money, I bawa my sis who was also studying in Penang that time, pigi Secret Recipe sana Prangin Mall. Telling her that the makanan very sedap there and mau kasi try dia juga. Cos when we were kids, my parents tidak pernah bawa ba pigi this kind of places. Too expensive.

The things we ordered were a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese and a slice of cake ( tidak ingat apa sudah punya cake ). Mesti share ni sebab takut mahal, student lagi that time kan. That was her first time makan there too.

Recalling back, it was kinda kesian lah that time. But bagus juga lah, it will be constant reminder of our humble past.

Of course things are better these days; and am typing this after finishing a hearty meal again at Secret Recipe with my sisters. This post is not a sponsored post ah, just a post to remind myself to be grateful towards things around me everyday.

Life is good. Gratitude is one word that we all should live by.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why not around this blog? June is hectic too!

Been to the Land of smiles and back to Borneo.

And in the meantime busy sewing. Project for the dance team.

And also I went for an audition for pembaca berita at RTM this morning.

Yeah crazy month! And I thought may was crazy enough.

July please come fast am so looking forward for RWMF! Besides, June is like extra ordinarily hectic. I need time to put my life back in order.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

KK Jazz Fest 2012

I have to thank my boss, Mr Chris P, for the complimentary tickets that he got for us to watch the KK Jazz Fest 2012.

It was an awesome two nights. The final performance was Rio Sidik's (an amazing musician from Bali ) and he made KK people high on music. Sempat lagi dia kasi tau "When I was 18, my girlfriend is from KK, Tamparuli, Kiulu. " Wah punya lah..sempat lagi kan.

Ada lagi some musician friend of mine pigi tanya on my facebook status "ko ka yang si Rio maksudkan tu" - Hahaha. LOL!

photo credits to genie's fb - Day 1 at the KK Jazz Fest!

Day 2 - am loving the lights so much since Day 1.. Mega Boogie Lighting system are the best! But the lights behind me is the permanent fairy lights which belongs to the resort.

Anyway, I have my leave approved for this Friday, so see ya..don't wanna be ya..hahaha

Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh My Etude!

Ada sale now. And now the hair products has finally hit the Malaysian shores. Am so gonna go to 1Borneo to get my supplies soon.. Miahahaha!

Then..when I read up everything..Macam limpas la pula sudah promo dia ni.. Uhuk uhuk uhuk.. Sedihnya.. I don't care.. Mau juga pigi tinguk ni.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Saya rindu my blog

I sort of went MIA for a couple of weeks right? Been busy, been away, been sunburnt, been busy again and now work resumes.

Trying my best to get my routine back on track but the holiday mood is still there. Oh my! Laziness is still conquering everything.

Just finished a three day course for the 1M1S thingy and next week I heard that am gonna be called out again for another course. Hopefully tidak jadi because I need to finish up my syllabus. Help!

In the meantime, rajin pula saya membaca magazine ni