Saturday, June 30, 2012

The story behind Secret Recipe

You know, behind every restaurant that is special for someone there's always a story for it.

One of the place for me is the Secret Recipe restaurant.

It was back in the uni years that I first step foot into one. First was during an outing with my girlfriends. I remember being quite anxious when ordering the food because of the price and of course intimidated by the selection of menu. Biasa la kan kampungan.

Then, when I got my first payment for my scholarship money, I bawa my sis who was also studying in Penang that time, pigi Secret Recipe sana Prangin Mall. Telling her that the makanan very sedap there and mau kasi try dia juga. Cos when we were kids, my parents tidak pernah bawa ba pigi this kind of places. Too expensive.

The things we ordered were a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese and a slice of cake ( tidak ingat apa sudah punya cake ). Mesti share ni sebab takut mahal, student lagi that time kan. That was her first time makan there too.

Recalling back, it was kinda kesian lah that time. But bagus juga lah, it will be constant reminder of our humble past.

Of course things are better these days; and am typing this after finishing a hearty meal again at Secret Recipe with my sisters. This post is not a sponsored post ah, just a post to remind myself to be grateful towards things around me everyday.

Life is good. Gratitude is one word that we all should live by.


Onderay said...

mmg kesian la u masa student kan..:)

stan said...

dui sedih ni...