Thursday, July 31, 2008

so do mee / sodomy/ cucuk with plastic

My 13 year old sister asked "Kak, apa tu liwat?"

The question popped out as we were watching the prime time news.

Me "Urgh...sodomy la..liwat.."

My sister "Tidak faham."

Me "Erm...lelaki kena rogol"

Hahahaha..When I think back I want to laugh pula with my answer. I mean, I just can't find the right words or even feeling comfortable explaining how sodomy happens to my teenage sister. I don't know how she can take it, if I explain everything. Some more I am a biology teacher after all, and I tend to go overboard with my explanations.

With the prime time news always filled up with this sodomy case and a hell-lot-of sexual harrasment cases and scandals, I think Malaysia now is almost like a Hollywood soap opera. Imagine the show O.C or Grey's Anatomy where everyone is sleeping with almost everyone. With sexually involved news content although filtered and censored until it is good enough that it will be aired on prime time, still, kids nowadays are so curious.

VERY curious

Plus with the invention of handphones, the internet...Anything is within reach. So, I am not so shocked when I read about this

Child sex clip shocker for parents

I am more interested where did these kids learn about those sexual acts that they are engaging.

Hey, children of today, leaders of tomorrow.

I guess the leaders of today also have been living the life of those kids who was filmed in the clip...hehe.

No wonder there are so many sex scandals nowadays. *big grin*

Welcome August

pic from

The month of weddings for this year. the 08.08 date is certainly something most couples are looking forward to.

Starting this coming weekend, there are several people I know that are getting hitched. *Winnie&Oliver*

The other weekend, the most auspicious one *Brenda&Loriot*

the following weekend...*ada, but I forgot who*

Usually it's gonna be the school holiday season only then you will have multiple invitations for wedding. But, this month is special. So banyak la makan free and more angpaus for the newlyweds mau bagi. muahaha.

So, to those who are tying the knotpic from


On another note; the marriage talk around this time of the year and around this age is totally inevitable. It is just so lucky that my family is not the pushy type that keep pestering you with questions like "when you gonna get married ah?" or "jadi bila lagi la?"

But some of peers do have the pressure, and I see some of them who got married young also because the family kept pestering them to do so *Not that I am saying all of them like that la, but some, yes*

Anyway, marriage is just another phase that anyone will go through *I mean if you choose to be married la...hehe*. So, it is totally a good thing that two people come together and share their life for better or for worse *so they speak lah...huhu*

I am happy for my friends that have reached that phase and I am truly amazed with the courage that they have to take that big step. As for me, I am still very happy receiving wedding invitations because get to makan-makan, dress up, and see people and of!!!

Hahahahaa....*ignore the last part if you want* :p

it takes a lot of will power

to resist temptations from things like this
big mac or mega macchocolate indulgence by secret recipe
1901 hotdog with lots and lots of pickles and mustard!
TGIF heavenly mudpie...

oooh.drool air liur tumpah.

it sure does take a lot of will power or else my diet plan is gone


down with IE,am so loving Opera

Felt asleep last night with so much hatred with IE, I downloaded Opera and installed it

YAY..I succeed to upload my photos to FB

Stupid IE, a total loser...but still gotta use Mozilla to blog...anyway


chat with JJ from Hitz

Well, on facebook it is. Usually when I go FB-ing in the morning, there is not a single soul that would be online. Or rather wanted to chat with me.But hey...JJ chat with me just now.

At least got people go online in the morning.

bengong punya facebook

I am so damn pissed off with Facebook

Everytime I wanted to upload new picture for a new album. The whole thing just hang...DEAD. Then I have to restart again the browser. And again the same thing happen again. For the umpteenth time// ^*&*)(**(*&&^(*&)(*^$#%$%^&%&*^*&(

Argh...I am so tired of this!

Sometimes new things isn't really great after all. Still have to trust the rather veteran and old friendster to share pics.

One of the pics that I wanted to upload...*some old picture of mine, to be shared with friends...but FACEBOOK is bengong!!!*

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

have trouble finding the title of a song?

Have you ever liked a song being played on the radio but just don't manage to get the title or the singer of the song?

Hey, now fret no more. If you have the tune of the song in your head...Just sing to your computer and let it search the song for you..


this site is SO cool!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

amplang is addictive

If you are a Sabahan, you will surely know what exactly I am talking about...and it goes very well with Maggi Sos Cili Thai...

I almost down the whole jar of amplang this morning, but luckily I am still sensible enough not to be drifted away by the amplang tempations.

Seriously, if you are watching TV and eating this...confirm boleh habis in one go!"

what's with the kawaii-wannabe pose?

It seems that it has taken the world by storm

see my sis profile pic on FS...

and her friend....

and her friend....

and another friend

adui, why is it a craze among tweens??

with that pose they look like they are sisters...*agree with me or not?- sama saja tu muka ni...*

mingkikiut la kunun tu mangkali..muahaha

see what happen if I follow the trend*doiii..sailormoon disaster juga ni....oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! ugly2*

spelling error that make you go LOL

taken when I was attending Nancy's *bukan nama sebenar* wedding... LOL
"Before I formed you in the WORM...I chose you to be MIND"

Monday, July 28, 2008

welcome to the new facebook

I am confused enough with the existing one. Now with the new layout and interface, I am even more "pening" than before. huh!

Can't they make things to be simpler? I am very slow with this kind of things la

no one knows

why do Friendster and Facebook was ever created? The main thing that I know is to keep updated with what your friends are doing and what not..

But, some people sometimes very ignorant or should I say plainly stupid.

I do not know where this particular person have been too for the past 6 months. Well, for goodness sake..
pskpps tamparuli netball team...all teachers here

I have QUIT my job in the hotel line since January and now I have been a teacher for almost 7 months. Adui..That one also very hard to keep up with. This is just one very unimportant news from me. But, somehow please take note.

Stop asking

  • what department I am working in RRR. *I am not working there anymore*
  • which part of KL I am staying *I didn't accept the offer to work in KL last year, and now am living happily in my hometown..get it?*
  • whether I teach Primary or Secondary school *Can't you just read what school that I typed in my profile..DUh!*
Those questions repeatedly being asked is SO annoying... My advice to those people --> Explore your friendster and facebook accounts, so that you will know how to get updates from your peeps.okay...

Fuh....m off to school now

Make Me Fabulous!

owh. after much ado about finding the right template for my blog. I ended with this theme again. brownish the sweet blog last time. no more whites for me. its getting a bit boring with monochromatic colors.

owh..i am weekends gone.

but managed to go for a cheap make over at bodyshop 1borneo tadi. Cheap la...RM35 saja bah! the outcome was so-so. but is still okay compared to the one that I did in Penang with Estee Lauder.. Spent rm300 and got very buruk picture."ini dan itu"
"Try and guess which one was done with Bodyshop and which is Estee Lauder?" many owh..i am indeed sleepy and tomorrow have to go to work. huhuhuhu.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

nicest sunset i ever seen

i have such a soft spot for sunset. time really stood still for moment like this

cursed born as non-malay?

A daughter devastated, a mother with no answers | Apr 17, 08 3:27pm |MalaysiaKini

I am a teacher by profession. I have memorised all the sixteen values 'Nilai-nilai Murni' as a result oftwenty-five years of teaching. We had 'HariAnugerah Cemerlang' in my school. Parents, regardless of race or religion were there to lend support for the programme and at the same timeto motivate the children.
One such student is my own daughter, who scored 12 As, best student of the school. Sheused to wake as early as 4 o'clock in the morning to start preparing for herSPM. When I asked her why she has to take up 12 subjects and 'torture 'herself, she told me, 'I am not a bumiputera like many of my friends.' So the need to take up two extra subjects in order to be on par with her Malayfriends.
Sheapplied for the Program Matrikulasi well before SPM itself. Yesterday was theday she was eagerly waiting because all the applicants will get their replyfrom the matriculation office. While I was in school, my handphone rang. It wasa call from my daughter. When I answered the call she was already sobbing, and I am so silly to think that it was tears of joy.
The sobs turn to cries after she heard my voice - she was devastated, depressed and very disappointed because she failed to get entry into this government-sponsore d programme. She is the eldest in my family. I have another three school goingchildren. May be I am to be blamed because it was me who asked her to study hard, get good results because being an ordinary teacher I can not afford to send her to private colleges.
When I came back after school yesterday afternoon, again I saw tears in her eyes. She asked several questions. 'Is it wrong to get 12 As in SPM? My Malay friends whogot 2As and 3 As got to do the matriculation programme, I am denied. What'swrong? You are also a teacher just like uncle, (my Malay colleague in school) hisson was offered a place although he scored only 5As. Why?' I don't have answers.
Being a teacher, I teach my students to be loyal to the country, to respect the leaders, to obey the laws of the nation and so on. Now I do not know what to say to my daughter. I feel guilty because what I teach in school is actually rubbish, perhaps I need to tell them the reality being a non-Malay citizen ofour nation. For that I need to resign. Please Mr. Prime Minister, may be you have something to tell us.

My thoughts: Well, I guess she is not the first one. I pity her and her daughter. It is totally unfair but being bumiputera like Sabahans doesn't really help much either. Why there should bumiputera and bumiputera sabah dan sarawak. Are we second class bumis?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

kentucky fried urine?

be careful with what you are being served...people can be very mean sometimes

A policeman has won £20,000 compensation after being served food laced with spit and urine.

US police officer Keith Andrew's children fell sick after eating the tainted food at a KFC restaurant in October 2005. One of his sons even had to go to hospital.

Employees at the restaurant in Nebraska reported seeing an employee contaminate the food and to management, who neglected to pass on the information to the family.

A court jury ruled in favour of Andrew and his family. Their lawyer advised the restaurant owner that he should "take a better class of employee."

take a better class of employee.

KFC refutes the claims and says it will fight the court's verdict.

clothes attire apparel

what is the difference la? *sorry la my england not very good*

~sigh. tall and slim girls if pakai apa pun sure will look nice on them.I was looking at online boutiques catalogues...and boy, those baju2 all are very nice. It look so good on the models' body. Tempting me to buy them. But, luckily got my sensible mind telling me that my body shape is not totally like theirs.

I am far from being "chantek" let alone to have a body that could flaunt any baju and definitely make jaws drop. Huh, beauty magazines like Cleo and Female didn't really help as well. Although, there are articles highlighting on how to look good in any body type and style that didn't help much considering the fact that they still use really pretty models to illustrate things.

damn those mags and models...they only make me feel "unpretty" and "unthin"

Monday, July 21, 2008

I am related to Obama as well!

Quoted from the Star today
"Dr Konrad Ng is amused that his Malaysian roots got noticed halfway round the world, thanks to his link to Democrat candidate Barack Obama.

An assistant professor at the University of Hawaii in Manoa (UHM), Ng, whose family originally comes from Sabah, is married to Obama’s half-sister Maya Soetoro.

Not too long ago: Watching an Independence Day parade in the US four years ago were (from left) Michelle Obama, her daughter Sasha, Obama, Malia, Maya, Ng, and their daughter Suhalia. - AP

Maya and Obama have the same mother.

In an e-mail interview with The Star, Ng, 34, said that his father, Howard, was born in Sandakan and his mother, Joan, in Kudat.

“I have many relatives who live throughout Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and the two towns where my parents came from,” he said.

His parents subsequently settled in Canada and Ng was born there.

Maya was born to Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian businessman, and Ann Dunham, a white American cultural anthropologist, who is also Obama’s mother"

Obama --> Half sister (maya) + Ng --> father (howard) + mother (Joan) --> That's my name what!


Just following the Malaysian media trend, they could make and try to find such connection to very famous people aorund the world (i.e : the case of Che'nelle, Gwen Stefani, Monica Pang, and who else ar...)

Well,some make sense but some are totally ridiculous...and the Malaysian media is TOTALLY good at this.

So, uhm why not we start making connections now who knows you might be connected to someone famous...ahaha

an unrelated one

I have been posting about the interior decos of bedrooms on several of my posts before.

So, since them I got my room revamped. Ahakz. Not as cool as those featured on the interior design decos site but sufficient enough to puas kan my bed + specs + laptop + aromatherapy on that purple thingy.. + hehe..ignore the soft toys. That's considered as my trophy collection. Collected over the years *all from gifts and lucky draw*
One major sign that I am VAIN...

...too! Just like you...ahaha. who doesnt love mirrors and make upoooooo, my almari and its full of things + books *a geek I am* + Ignore the clutter above the almari .
Below is my lamp that has been in my shopping wish list for this month. Get that from Living Concept for just rm25++ but the bulb is the killer la. hehehe..Go and check out yourself..*uhm the ribbon is not part of it when I bought it, put it just to make the light dimmer*

Sunday, July 20, 2008

i survived the weekend

yes..I survived this weekend without going to any shopping malls and spend money to buy unnecessary things

This is the first weekend since May that I manage to stay home on a weekend.

Bravo to me..ngeh ngeh ngeh.

On another note, I suddenly teringat about my all time favourite book *I thought I never had one*

Toto-chan, The Little Girl at the window by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

I almost forgot what was the story about. I just remember there was a girl nicknamed Toto-chan. and their classsroom was in a gerabak kereta api. It was during pre WWII before the Hiroshima bombing

I seriously doesn't know what draw me to be so attached with this book. I read this during my primary school time *the malay version, available at my school library* and I have read it like more than 5 times.

But I forgot about it over the years, and I totally don't know what struck me this weekend that I suddenly thought about this book. It has been more than 10 years since I read this book. I am so wanting to read this again.

I saw it is on sale on Amazon but I just want to buy it off a bookstore. Anyone know where I can get this?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

what is your problem, bastard?

"aik...sounds like u're so langsi person...
please...dont think u're too cute or what ever ok!"

I got this message on my friendster account today prior to the question that I asked this particular person when he intended to add me as his friend.

Usually if I cant recognize the person who wants to add me as they friend,I will look for

1) How am I connected to the person..trying to find the link

2) Check the picture whether can recognize the face or not?

3) See what is written in their profile, if anything could ring a bell or not.

I just don't simply add people since 20% of my friends last time in my friendster account, I don't really know them one. And I have to go through the trouble to delete them when my friends lists almost full

So, now my problem is...Since I cant get any info about this person through my 3 methods mention earlier.. So, I sent him a message asking whether I know him or not. Just to seek some clarification

Then, I got THAT kind or reply....

Now, who is the langsi person now? Or someone thinks that he is too cute to be asked that question..

*bikin panas*

Thursday, July 17, 2008

why do women shop longer than men?

" Kenapa ba perempuan ni kalau mau bili barang, misti juga ada urang ikut, pusing-pusing tempat sama, tinguk-tinguk benda sama berkali-kali, tapi tidak juga beli terus, kenapa ah?"

That was one of the questions that my male colleague were asking another female teacher because he was so puzzled with his wife behavior while shopping.

Then my female colleagues all echoed one another saying that MOST women shop like that.


I was just at one corner and smiling to myself upon hearing the conversation.

I totally agree with my female colleagues

1) most women tend to pusing-pusing one shop so many times, try so many baju at one time, but in the end, didn't buy anything *this include me! :P*

2) most women need someone to shop with them. Well, shopping with girlfriends is fun but it wont beat shopping with your other half. men, your opinion one of my male colleague used to say "If a girl said that you look good in a dress, don't trust what they said because they don't want you to look better than them. But, totally trust what a guy will say because they know what will look good on you"..

*well, maybe true but I think if your boyfriend/ husband is SO tired waiting for you to shop, they might end up just lying to you ~ so that you will finish your shopping cepat2*

3) and yeah, so far I havent meet any girl that could shop like men...

But, the longest hour that I have spent to shop non-stop was 5 hours, that was with one of best buddy .. Sheila.. I miss those time stamina. huhu

one of my fave thing

hoops and yoyo DO NOT DISTURB sign..

you kacau him and he will shout,

" Do NOT Disturbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb! Yeah, we mean you...You... You.. You..!"

Irritating juga la tapi it really scare me when I accidentally terlanggar that fella.

*it's motion activated*

cool huh?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

no holiday in july o

throughout the year there are only two months that you totally don't have any public holidays..

April and this month ... JULY...haish

The mid-term break will only be in the middle of Aug. Now it is only the middle of July. Bila la mau cuti ni??

The local political scene certainly has something to be talked about. Full of chaos and new scandals.

On the other hand, working life remains stressful and very routine. And again yesterday, at work, another episode of a teacher-mengamuk unfolds again.

Seriously, now I came to realize that teenagers are really a pain in the a**. I never thought this group of people will definitely become a pest for the grown ups when I was in that age. *Or, maybe I was not so nasty when I was a teenager..ahaha*

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the debate with saliva at the corner of his mouth

anyone who missed the live telecast of the debate between Anwar and Shabery Cheek just now, memang rugi besar la.

I really cannot tahan see this Shabery Cheek talking there and making a fool of himself battling with Anwar.

This Shabery Cheek keep on attacking Anwar personally and this made him look so STUPID on how to address the issue that they were taking about.

Not that I am a big supporter of Anwar but at least he was still talking about the issue and not starting to attack this Shabery personally.

Seriously, this petrol issue is something that everyone should consider thinking. It is burdening the rakyat...well, if want to talk about this, till tomorrow also can't finish. haha.

But, clearly Shabery @ Strawberry kalah in the debate..haha. Towards the end can really see like he is not so composed anymore. Tend to be emotional sudah.

Anyway, those who manage to see the debate...did u realize the saliva at the corner of Shabery Cheek's mouth???


and one more thing, Shabery looks like this cartoon superhero la...see the resemblance?
hurray sergeant Keroro! you are more good looking than Shabery Cheek...

revision test

have you ever gone to school *normal school days* that you don't even bring anything to write with?

NO right? At least you will have a pen or pencil with you and one really thin and almost-koyak-exercise book.

Yesterday, I gave revision test for my students. It was a surprise test though. So, I totally caught them off-guard.

I distributed the papers and was making my rounds for the first 5 minutes. Then, got this one boy with face full of panau...looking at me so kesian like a puppy tidak cukup makan

"Cigu, bulih pinjam pinsil ka?" ~ Teacher can I borrow a pencil?

I was SO surprised that they don't have anything to write with...OMG

The school bag so big but nothing inside. If want to say that they very miskin, cannot oso because I saw he still can buy ice-cream during recess time..

SO, bagi pinjam saja la. After I bagi pinjam, a couple of minutes later. He was playing already with his friends..

I muttered to myself..*cilaka juga ini budak*

15 minutes before the test finish, I caught a boy, the friend of the budak who pinjam my pencil...his test paper was drawn with stupid looking stick people..

It was not only stupid but memang kurang ajar la..astaga..

What was drawn was a childish scribblings of penis and balls. siap with all the bulu-bulu sum

Not only that they draw stick people having sex lagi...siap with the male stick person erected penis..

Guess what happen next..Of course I got so mad. I gave them the whiteboard marker and ask them to draw everything back on the whiteboard.

Tidak juga mau...The boys involved some more denied what have they done. Nobody want to mengaku.

If only I still have the paper now, can post the pics but I got so mad that I tore the paper to pieces and almost slapped the student.

What a revision test...

Monday, July 14, 2008

waking up to this

it was the first time since ages, that I woke up suddenly there was a strong feeling of missing something.

seriously, haven't been feeling so sentimental for quite some time. even when i tried to brush things off by keeping myself busy with housework, the feeling just wont go away. haishhh..

memories reeling in my head just like a movie..guess am missing the good old days.

oooo....comelnya kunun
orientation..guess some of the people here lupa me oredi
USM days....huhuhu...made me SO sad. Lost most of the pics, since my PC hangkang that day.

ni zaman kurus2 lagi, adui...exco camp. those dorky faces ...

me and anee and far right is cheryl with the i-dont-care pose..eheks..miss you la girls!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

vanity chest

warning: if you hate narcissism. stop reading now.

I adore these women, but I just don't think I fit the make up tips and style that they have on them

The very sexy Kim Kardashian...

me ..pretending to be Kim... *doi! punya bida macam makhluk asing ooo*
The gorgeous Victoria Beckham
*ni lagi macam bumi dan langit oooo..yai!!!!!*

But, one word of advice to other girls. Never ever count on bleached blonde hair, fake lashes, blue contact and ultra-pink blusher to make you look super-kawaii ... or else you will end up looking like her

OMG....if I did this in real life, I will look like this... *DOOOOOOIIIII! like in Kampung Air saja*