Saturday, July 19, 2008

what is your problem, bastard?

"aik...sounds like u're so langsi person...
please...dont think u're too cute or what ever ok!"

I got this message on my friendster account today prior to the question that I asked this particular person when he intended to add me as his friend.

Usually if I cant recognize the person who wants to add me as they friend,I will look for

1) How am I connected to the person..trying to find the link

2) Check the picture whether can recognize the face or not?

3) See what is written in their profile, if anything could ring a bell or not.

I just don't simply add people since 20% of my friends last time in my friendster account, I don't really know them one. And I have to go through the trouble to delete them when my friends lists almost full

So, now my problem is...Since I cant get any info about this person through my 3 methods mention earlier.. So, I sent him a message asking whether I know him or not. Just to seek some clarification

Then, I got THAT kind or reply....

Now, who is the langsi person now? Or someone thinks that he is too cute to be asked that question..

*bikin panas*

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