Monday, July 21, 2008

an unrelated one

I have been posting about the interior decos of bedrooms on several of my posts before.

So, since them I got my room revamped. Ahakz. Not as cool as those featured on the interior design decos site but sufficient enough to puas kan my bed + specs + laptop + aromatherapy on that purple thingy.. + hehe..ignore the soft toys. That's considered as my trophy collection. Collected over the years *all from gifts and lucky draw*
One major sign that I am VAIN...

...too! Just like you...ahaha. who doesnt love mirrors and make upoooooo, my almari and its full of things + books *a geek I am* + Ignore the clutter above the almari .
Below is my lamp that has been in my shopping wish list for this month. Get that from Living Concept for just rm25++ but the bulb is the killer la. hehehe..Go and check out yourself..*uhm the ribbon is not part of it when I bought it, put it just to make the light dimmer*

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