Monday, July 28, 2008

no one knows

why do Friendster and Facebook was ever created? The main thing that I know is to keep updated with what your friends are doing and what not..

But, some people sometimes very ignorant or should I say plainly stupid.

I do not know where this particular person have been too for the past 6 months. Well, for goodness sake..
pskpps tamparuli netball team...all teachers here

I have QUIT my job in the hotel line since January and now I have been a teacher for almost 7 months. Adui..That one also very hard to keep up with. This is just one very unimportant news from me. But, somehow please take note.

Stop asking

  • what department I am working in RRR. *I am not working there anymore*
  • which part of KL I am staying *I didn't accept the offer to work in KL last year, and now am living happily in my hometown..get it?*
  • whether I teach Primary or Secondary school *Can't you just read what school that I typed in my profile..DUh!*
Those questions repeatedly being asked is SO annoying... My advice to those people --> Explore your friendster and facebook accounts, so that you will know how to get updates from your peeps.okay...

Fuh....m off to school now

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