Tuesday, July 22, 2008

clothes attire apparel

what is the difference la? *sorry la my england not very good*

~sigh. tall and slim girls if pakai apa pun sure will look nice on them.I was looking at online boutiques catalogues...and boy, those baju2 all are very nice. It look so good on the models' body. Tempting me to buy them. But, luckily got my sensible mind telling me that my body shape is not totally like theirs.

I am far from being "chantek" let alone to have a body that could flaunt any baju and definitely make jaws drop. Huh, beauty magazines like Cleo and Female didn't really help as well. Although, there are articles highlighting on how to look good in any body type and style that didn't help much considering the fact that they still use really pretty models to illustrate things.

damn those mags and models...they only make me feel "unpretty" and "unthin"

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Carmelliny said...

don't worry..u are not the only person who have this experienced.me too...i hope Marilyn Monroe's era will be back..