Thursday, July 31, 2008

so do mee / sodomy/ cucuk with plastic

My 13 year old sister asked "Kak, apa tu liwat?"

The question popped out as we were watching the prime time news.

Me "Urgh...sodomy la..liwat.."

My sister "Tidak faham."

Me "Erm...lelaki kena rogol"

Hahahaha..When I think back I want to laugh pula with my answer. I mean, I just can't find the right words or even feeling comfortable explaining how sodomy happens to my teenage sister. I don't know how she can take it, if I explain everything. Some more I am a biology teacher after all, and I tend to go overboard with my explanations.

With the prime time news always filled up with this sodomy case and a hell-lot-of sexual harrasment cases and scandals, I think Malaysia now is almost like a Hollywood soap opera. Imagine the show O.C or Grey's Anatomy where everyone is sleeping with almost everyone. With sexually involved news content although filtered and censored until it is good enough that it will be aired on prime time, still, kids nowadays are so curious.

VERY curious

Plus with the invention of handphones, the internet...Anything is within reach. So, I am not so shocked when I read about this

Child sex clip shocker for parents

I am more interested where did these kids learn about those sexual acts that they are engaging.

Hey, children of today, leaders of tomorrow.

I guess the leaders of today also have been living the life of those kids who was filmed in the clip...hehe.

No wonder there are so many sex scandals nowadays. *big grin*


fie the elf said...

omg the children were 8 yrs old!

Marlene McGarrity said...

LOL I didn't understand the top part until you said sodomy. I wish I knew what your sister first asked and what tidak faham means.

Joan said...

fie...yes there are SO young!!!

queenoftheclick...well, the conversation earlier summarized is basically like this. My sis asked me what is the meaning of "liwat" and I translated it to English..saying liwat=sodomy. Then she still doesnt understand..So,i cant find the right words to explain. Then I just said sodomy is like a man being raped..