Tuesday, July 15, 2008

revision test

have you ever gone to school *normal school days* that you don't even bring anything to write with?

NO right? At least you will have a pen or pencil with you and one really thin and almost-koyak-exercise book.

Yesterday, I gave revision test for my students. It was a surprise test though. So, I totally caught them off-guard.

I distributed the papers and was making my rounds for the first 5 minutes. Then, got this one boy with face full of panau...looking at me so kesian like a puppy tidak cukup makan

"Cigu, bulih pinjam pinsil ka?" ~ Teacher can I borrow a pencil?

I was SO surprised that they don't have anything to write with...OMG

The school bag so big but nothing inside. If want to say that they very miskin, cannot oso because I saw he still can buy ice-cream during recess time..

SO, bagi pinjam saja la. After I bagi pinjam, a couple of minutes later. He was playing already with his friends..

I muttered to myself..*cilaka juga ini budak*

15 minutes before the test finish, I caught a boy, the friend of the budak who pinjam my pencil...his test paper was drawn with stupid looking stick people..

It was not only stupid but memang kurang ajar la..astaga..

What was drawn was a childish scribblings of penis and balls. siap with all the bulu-bulu sum more..wtf

Not only that they draw stick people having sex lagi...siap with the male stick person erected penis..

Guess what happen next..Of course I got so mad. I gave them the whiteboard marker and ask them to draw everything back on the whiteboard.

Tidak juga mau...The boys involved some more denied what have they done. Nobody want to mengaku.

If only I still have the paper now, can post the pics but I got so mad that I tore the paper to pieces and almost slapped the student.

What a revision test...


Carmelliny said...

wadedehh...nowadays punya teachers are having a big problems dealing with their students right?

Vienne said...

Joan, i tot that only me facing the same problem. u r not alone. my student also loke dat. pigi skolah tp x bawa buku teks(padahal free text book suda), datang skolah..buku latihan setebal 100 pages jadi 10 pages lagi for science note. xkah gila budak2 mcm ni? sapa salah, we the teacher or the student? sya pun mau gila suda ni budak2

EviE said...

budak2 skrg bikin gila cikgu bah..

kita mau tulung durang jadi pandai

tapi durang suka tulung diri durang jadi buduh..

sudah terlampau pandai

Carmelliny said...

betul tue!!!i agree!!