Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the debate with saliva at the corner of his mouth

anyone who missed the live telecast of the debate between Anwar and Shabery Cheek just now, memang rugi besar la.

I really cannot tahan see this Shabery Cheek talking there and making a fool of himself battling with Anwar.

This Shabery Cheek keep on attacking Anwar personally and this made him look so STUPID on how to address the issue that they were taking about.

Not that I am a big supporter of Anwar but at least he was still talking about the issue and not starting to attack this Shabery personally.

Seriously, this petrol issue is something that everyone should consider thinking. It is burdening the rakyat...well, if want to talk about this, till tomorrow also can't finish. haha.

But, clearly Shabery @ Strawberry kalah in the debate..haha. Towards the end can really see like he is not so composed anymore. Tend to be emotional sudah.

Anyway, those who manage to see the debate...did u realize the saliva at the corner of Shabery Cheek's mouth???


and one more thing, Shabery looks like this cartoon superhero la...see the resemblance?
hurray sergeant Keroro! you are more good looking than Shabery Cheek...


adam k. said...

oh man i missed out. anyway.. bout scanners; they can do this too http://youtube.com/watch?v=s1tatiU2ha0

EviE said...

watched the link..oow..m so ketinggalan. i didnt even know that scanners can do so many things