Wednesday, July 23, 2008

cursed born as non-malay?

A daughter devastated, a mother with no answers | Apr 17, 08 3:27pm |MalaysiaKini

I am a teacher by profession. I have memorised all the sixteen values 'Nilai-nilai Murni' as a result oftwenty-five years of teaching. We had 'HariAnugerah Cemerlang' in my school. Parents, regardless of race or religion were there to lend support for the programme and at the same timeto motivate the children.
One such student is my own daughter, who scored 12 As, best student of the school. Sheused to wake as early as 4 o'clock in the morning to start preparing for herSPM. When I asked her why she has to take up 12 subjects and 'torture 'herself, she told me, 'I am not a bumiputera like many of my friends.' So the need to take up two extra subjects in order to be on par with her Malayfriends.
Sheapplied for the Program Matrikulasi well before SPM itself. Yesterday was theday she was eagerly waiting because all the applicants will get their replyfrom the matriculation office. While I was in school, my handphone rang. It wasa call from my daughter. When I answered the call she was already sobbing, and I am so silly to think that it was tears of joy.
The sobs turn to cries after she heard my voice - she was devastated, depressed and very disappointed because she failed to get entry into this government-sponsore d programme. She is the eldest in my family. I have another three school goingchildren. May be I am to be blamed because it was me who asked her to study hard, get good results because being an ordinary teacher I can not afford to send her to private colleges.
When I came back after school yesterday afternoon, again I saw tears in her eyes. She asked several questions. 'Is it wrong to get 12 As in SPM? My Malay friends whogot 2As and 3 As got to do the matriculation programme, I am denied. What'swrong? You are also a teacher just like uncle, (my Malay colleague in school) hisson was offered a place although he scored only 5As. Why?' I don't have answers.
Being a teacher, I teach my students to be loyal to the country, to respect the leaders, to obey the laws of the nation and so on. Now I do not know what to say to my daughter. I feel guilty because what I teach in school is actually rubbish, perhaps I need to tell them the reality being a non-Malay citizen ofour nation. For that I need to resign. Please Mr. Prime Minister, may be you have something to tell us.

My thoughts: Well, I guess she is not the first one. I pity her and her daughter. It is totally unfair but being bumiputera like Sabahans doesn't really help much either. Why there should bumiputera and bumiputera sabah dan sarawak. Are we second class bumis?

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