Thursday, July 31, 2008

bengong punya facebook

I am so damn pissed off with Facebook

Everytime I wanted to upload new picture for a new album. The whole thing just hang...DEAD. Then I have to restart again the browser. And again the same thing happen again. For the umpteenth time// ^*&*)(**(*&&^(*&)(*^$#%$%^&%&*^*&(

Argh...I am so tired of this!

Sometimes new things isn't really great after all. Still have to trust the rather veteran and old friendster to share pics.

One of the pics that I wanted to upload...*some old picture of mine, to be shared with friends...but FACEBOOK is bengong!!!*


FredDass said...

Miss those faces.. KML (Karisma Madani Luhur.. Hehehe.. Di astaka ni kan?

Satu jak sa tau nama, Mazuin (padahal tutorialmate)..

Yg lain x tau nama.. hehehe...

Siok ka main FaceBook, I got one but not active.. mau cuba2 la ni nanti..

Joan said...

try la facebook..ada ok sikit dari friendster sebab boleh tag urang..jadi buleh la kanal urang ni..

ya tu pic d astaka tu..time tengok pertandingan main bola..

siok kan time bahagia betul ni

Joan said...
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anneNoNymously LANA said...

omg..hahaha...semua muka MRSM..very lah familiar..huhu..

sumhow i miss schoolyears..but i think working is fantastic..huhu

anneNoNymously LANA said...

btw..add me on facebook will u? rayna_farish(at)