Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Holidays in full swing

It's time to laze around and just watch some movie online

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My pink bathroom

I am a bit dissapointed that the pink plain tiles ( you know the type that is square and so typical in more older bathrooms ) is so rare and most tile shop don't sell it anymore. So, I have to settle down for these tiles and just try to make it work.

Going for RM1.35 per tile ( pink marble pattern ) at Sinaway in Menggatal and the cute borders ( flowery ones ) that is more expensive than the normal tiles. And I felt so lucky to find that soft blue and pink tiles for the floor. I forgot how much does it cost already but it was already out of stock. Somehow.. when they check the store they found that they still have a few. So. Yeay!

Here's the finished bathroom. Although the first choice of having a pink toilet and basin was scrapped due to the unavailability of the perfect shade that I want ( yes, I am cerewet ) .. the white toilet still can make the cuteness level goes high. 

And thanks to awesome stuff from Daiso, I have the cute curtain there. Now, the toilet feels like a bedroom instead. Haha. Ok la bah kan? I like. 

See my pets also suka lepak around the new toilet. Gonna get a mirror soon and some cute signages to decorate it more. Hehe

Yeah! Save the pink bathroom.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Pink Bathroom

House renovation on going now is actually building another toilet for the house. This toilet is sort of gonna be the "public" toilet because it will be for the use of guests because all this while the "public" toilet for the house when there's an event is the one next to my bedroom. So, most of the time people will mistakenly go into my room instead.

So, a "public" toilet to be built but even though its gonna be of "public" use, the toilet won't be second classed. I have chosen a concept for the toilet already. Thought of having a vintage concept for it with colored basin and all plus retro tilings.

Research on the internet has resulted of thousands of pink bathroom ideas being discovered and I found something really interesting that I don't even expect it to exist. Save the pink bathroom blog - Yes, it's a website that is dedicated for saving the pink bathroom legacy. Plus you can take the pledge to save pink bathrooms too. Oh, how interesting.

Will go tiles hunting tomorrow

I am loving the old school plain pink tiles but it seems that they don't have it anymore these days

This one is a display toilet only I guess

I love the shade of that hawaiian coconut pink. Haha

So classy! am so in love with these tiles!!

Might consider a bright fuschia wall. Since my hunt for a pink toilet and basin is futile

Barbie Pink combo like this perhaps?

Love the color combo

I must say the checkered pattern is interesting, it reminded me of the Croatian flag

Or some tiling combination like this. Hmmmm.

This is not pink but the whole combo is so sweet!!!

Will share the pink bathroom progress soon.

Just Keep the Faith alive


I just don't know how to describe this feeling. If it is the ordinary laziness then it is still okay but this laziness of mine is like the lazy that is so extreme and the only thing that I wanna do is just breathe. Ya, bernafas saja. Mo buka mata, kasi guyang jari pun nda mau. So, it is an achievement for me to actually type this post.

Hey it is also my number 1001 post. Another achievement unlocked despite the laziness. Besides that the things that made me lazy is looking at my bank account balance. Yes, for the government servants we gonna have a huge payout this month. Bonus + early gaji. But gotta be careful because the next payday is actually at the end of September. So..uhm.. memang kering habis poket kalau nda berjimat cermat.

So, what's your bonus gonna be spent on? I guess those celebrating Raya will be channeling those fund for the celebration itself. Mine will be on credit card bills and for some renovation work at home - and that made me go back to square one itself. Nothing to bikin sinang hati also.

Well, money come and go, that's life for sure. But, saya hairan this laziness is still here to stay. And as usual am gonna be late to school.


Friday, August 03, 2012

Olympics Craze

Currently am hooked to the aquatic scene more than the other events even though there's more drama in Badminton, Weightlifting or Fencing. The blunders and controversies.

Yes, the aquatic scene is the best! Uhm..not this one though. LOL

Although, diving is also interesting because Malaysia is competing but..but..but no one can deny the hot men in the swimming arena.

The US men swimming team actually.. dorang la paling mengancam. haha
Move over you two, Lochte and Phelps stand aside, I want that  cute guy behind you two!

Nicknamed Bok Choy

Ahhhh...a total eye candy
With a body to die for, cantik betul muscles dia. ( pay attention to the white brief fella ) - yang lain semua bikin takut jak
Nathan Adrian.. Y U SO HOT & CUTE too?!

His parents ( the mom is a Chinese )

Jatuh cinta sudah saya ni..
I guess he have to thank his mom for that Asian genes that made him so delicious looking like "siew mai". Ahahaha. That pan-asian look. Oh-emm-gee! 

Marry me Nathan! Or at least just appear in my dreams tonight...huhu.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Illuminati everywhere..beware!!

I saw this link shared by Amanda on Facebook, read it here. It really made my day.

And this also made my day!! 

Be afraid..be very afraid!!!

LOL...spender kedut. Kalau sini Sabah tu cakap SANTUT KURUDOT