Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Pink Bathroom

House renovation on going now is actually building another toilet for the house. This toilet is sort of gonna be the "public" toilet because it will be for the use of guests because all this while the "public" toilet for the house when there's an event is the one next to my bedroom. So, most of the time people will mistakenly go into my room instead.

So, a "public" toilet to be built but even though its gonna be of "public" use, the toilet won't be second classed. I have chosen a concept for the toilet already. Thought of having a vintage concept for it with colored basin and all plus retro tilings.

Research on the internet has resulted of thousands of pink bathroom ideas being discovered and I found something really interesting that I don't even expect it to exist. Save the pink bathroom blog - Yes, it's a website that is dedicated for saving the pink bathroom legacy. Plus you can take the pledge to save pink bathrooms too. Oh, how interesting.

Will go tiles hunting tomorrow

I am loving the old school plain pink tiles but it seems that they don't have it anymore these days

This one is a display toilet only I guess

I love the shade of that hawaiian coconut pink. Haha

So classy! am so in love with these tiles!!

Might consider a bright fuschia wall. Since my hunt for a pink toilet and basin is futile

Barbie Pink combo like this perhaps?

Love the color combo

I must say the checkered pattern is interesting, it reminded me of the Croatian flag

Or some tiling combination like this. Hmmmm.

This is not pink but the whole combo is so sweet!!!

Will share the pink bathroom progress soon.

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