Wednesday, August 08, 2012


I just don't know how to describe this feeling. If it is the ordinary laziness then it is still okay but this laziness of mine is like the lazy that is so extreme and the only thing that I wanna do is just breathe. Ya, bernafas saja. Mo buka mata, kasi guyang jari pun nda mau. So, it is an achievement for me to actually type this post.

Hey it is also my number 1001 post. Another achievement unlocked despite the laziness. Besides that the things that made me lazy is looking at my bank account balance. Yes, for the government servants we gonna have a huge payout this month. Bonus + early gaji. But gotta be careful because the next payday is actually at the end of September. So..uhm.. memang kering habis poket kalau nda berjimat cermat.

So, what's your bonus gonna be spent on? I guess those celebrating Raya will be channeling those fund for the celebration itself. Mine will be on credit card bills and for some renovation work at home - and that made me go back to square one itself. Nothing to bikin sinang hati also.

Well, money come and go, that's life for sure. But, saya hairan this laziness is still here to stay. And as usual am gonna be late to school.


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