Wednesday, August 15, 2007

bus of death- moments of at the wrong time and place

Condolences to the families of the victims in the accident in the wee hours of yesterday. The accident was a total tragedy. I was on my way heading North (using a bus also...huhu) as well and I guess *it could be or could be not~blur2 on that bus that time* I passed the area of the accident seeing people at the side of the road still cleaning debris even at that time was like 11am in the morning. But never did I expect that this was the accident up until I saw the papers today. A major one...really horrifying

Was talking about this incident today with my friends and then something struck me *the superstitious side of me calling maybe that*...I checked the bus plate number, studying the picture closely- and then I saw's ABK 79...that 79 number is such a bad combination ..*well for me la.*

Then that time my friend said..."Weh, don't say like that la...My boyfriend's brand new motorbike plate number got number 79 also.."

Just say I am being superstitious la but it is totally an unlucky number for me. The last car crash that I was involved in I think the plate number has a 79 combination in it. Bad things just occur in the presence of 79 la I guess. I remember one time, I was in KK. saw many 79 combinations on most car plate numbers that day and things didn't turned out well that day as many bad things happen. I am not sure whether this happen by coincidence and am making such big fuss out of this ... maybe but maybe not as well

this 79 also has connection with the number 13. Which most culture and people think it is unlucky. But, guess what...the accident happen on August 13th. and that's why yesterday when I have to travel on that date and it is so to happen that my seat is 13, it made me worried sick till I prayed before the journey starts. Given the trauma of last car crash before and the bad vibes that am feeling on the date, I sort of became paranoid for a while. Now, with this news came- such a tragedy...Again, I will never underestimate my instinct in the future.

Uhm...and I heard one of the victim who died was a USM student, he was on his way to Penang for his convocation. *God bless all the souls*


Nine Especially significant when regarded as a triad of triads, it is the number which reproduces itself in multiplication. "It is the sign of every circumference, since its value in degrees is equal to 9, i.e., to 3+6+0. It is a bad number under certain conditions, and very unlucky. If number 6 was the symbol of our globe ready to be animated by a divine spirit, 9 symbolized our earth informed by a bad or evil spirit" (SD 2:581).

As nine is one less than ten, in a denary hierarchy it is all the units except the first, the first being regarded as the origin or synthesis of the emanated nine. Thus one and nine may represent spirit and matter, or unmanifest and manifest, a logos and its rays. In the Stanzas of Dzyan svabhavat is the numbers one and nine, which make the perfect ten; and the same is seen in the ten Sephiroth of the Qabbalah, where Kether the Crown is often considered apart from the other nine. It was an especially favorite number in Norse mythology, appearing continuously throughout the Eddas.

In a denary system of hierarchies, in which the ending of one is the beginning of the subsequent hierarchy, we have actually a series or scale of nines. Many properties assigned to nine pertain to its position in the decimal scale. In many languages the word for nine is similar to that for new -- Sanskrit navan, nava; Greek ennea, neos; Latin novem, novus; German neun, neu -- which apprises us that nine has been considered from immemorial time the number of change or renovation, for it is followed by the complete number making 10, or springs from the monadic unit also making 10 -- in either case the reckoning enters upon a new decimal series.

Some new and old discoveries about the number of the beast 666 !
Observe these hiding places of the beast in the three consecutive powers of 6n–1.

The number of the beast 666 is closely related to our unlucky number 13 !
614–1 has 6 prime factors
615–1 has 6 prime factors
616–1 has 6 prime factors

The number of the beast 666 is also the 36th triangular number!
637–1 has 6 prime factors
638–1 has 6 prime factors
639–1 has 6 prime factors
What more lies hidden e.g. behind the triplets (14,15,16) and (37,38,39) ?
Note (13+14+15)x(36+37+38) = 7 x 666 !
Lucky number 7 is playing a role as well besides the unlucky 13 !

and to sum it all up...79 connected to 13..Fibonacci sum!

Whether 13 is actually an unlucky number or not will forever remain a mystery. There are many truths about the number 13, though. For example, it is a prime number. That means that it is only divisible -without there being a remainder- by the number 1 and itself. It is also a "Fibonacci Number." A Fibonaci Number can be defined as "a number that is the sum of the two preceding numbers." If you begin with 0 and 1, the sequence would run 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,45,79, and so on.

*huhu..m scaring myself now...buduh butul!*

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