Friday, August 24, 2007

I got tagged..

Just playing si milai la suruh ni

*Food I hate : What can I say I LOVE FOOD..can't say no

* Fruit I hate : FOOD = FRUIT...still don't get it ka?

* Veggies I hate : Ini lagi la... FOOD = FRUIT = VEGGIE...all edible makanan la tu, what is there to be hated?

* Celebrities/People that I hate : Erm..let me see..dis one so many..ehehehe..

* Event/Situation/Incident that I hate : Feeling helpless..stuck nowhere to go. Can't stay but not wanting to leave kinda situation..I just don't like losing control over anything.

* TV shows/movies that I hate : Considering the amount of TV time that I had for the past 3 months.. I love TV. haha

* Music I hate : Sorry, I am not a racist but I don't like Tamil Songs...they are just *erm....noisy I guess

* Household chores that I hate : Sweeping my house...susah ni if large area have to cover

* Things that you hate around the world : People being shallow, not being able to live harmoniously

* Things that you hate about yourself : height.but everything about me make me ME...hehe..I love myself

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