Saturday, August 25, 2007

the moments...part one

since my sidang was the last one for the whole friends turn came earlier to receive their scrolls. not to mention the advantage of gud wether to capture great pictures....

and the camera session begins!

goretti and I looking very old-skul here

the dancers of perkasa (perkumpulan anak sarawak) during the convo fair

and here is my ex-roomie, Irene...*major transformation Irene, why ar?* and her bestie (left)

friends forever...another old-skul pose

more friends...teachers to be as well...
this is shirley , me and dicky...wind through our hair

ada gaya model ka? lina me and, my cap tu topi pinjam tu...bad hair day dat day

congrats to all..all the best for your future undertakings...bah, if got pictures that don't la forget to share

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