Tuesday, August 28, 2007

oooo..i am so sakai

My last day in Penang the other day I spent jalan2 at Gurney Drive. Enjoyed the food that I missed for the last 3 months at Gurney Drive hawker stalls. Then jalan2 at Gurney Plaza...and later me and my friends hairan ni wat building built beside Gurney Plaza. Half a year ago this place was still under construction...Hmmm. Then to our amazement the deco inside was so modern and stylish. I am totally mesmerized by the lights on the ceiling of the main entrance. Buli tukar kaler ooo...Oooo I am so sakai...akakaka. *I have great interest in interior design that have superb lighting effects...and this one wows me*

We jadi sakai in front of the hotel sign... COOL "g"...Dunno what does it mean maybe derived from Gurney...I am just assumingShot over looking the modern hotel lobby...If you happen to be there next time, check out the stylish design of the furniture there.
Smart kan... How I wish my house can be decorated like this. *Contemporary design lover

Inside the toilet also MUST take picture...cool toilets...nice cubicle. and man I love mirrors so much. The effect made the restroom so big. and not to mention lighting also played a big part here...m lovin' it!

and these are the hotel rooms...akakaka..nda sempat ba masuk the rooms..too mesmerized by the lobby onli.hehe..this pics I got from this site

sleek design, minimum deco , monochromatic colors, bold contrast, creative lighting...It works nicely ...MAGIC!
On top of all that, I love this one so much...the open concept bathroom...haha..mandi2 boleh tengok orang on the bed... SIOK ooo *heheehe

But this one is the most important part...the rates..check out yourself ...it is not that expensive considering the location and the comfort. You will be living IN and WITH style.. Standard room goin for 85 only...USD!!! akakakakaAnyone wanna belanja me to stay here?

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