Thursday, August 09, 2007

Negarakuku- what's wrong with that?

THE Star report something on the Negarakuku today..joining all the other media in the joy of informing the nation with the hot issue done by someone far away in Taiwan. *ok, he is Malaysian though*. Famous song it has become. Yesterday went pasar malam also got the song playing in the loudspeakers, but dunno its for sale or not or maybe this Namewee has launched an album.hehehe..Can see that lots of people are blogging about this matter as well..hehe. So I want oso la.

I am proud to be Malaysian!

Frankly, I dunno what is the problem with the song being composed in such way. Why most people are fretting about it? Hmmm..Maybe some people* like the Government people* cannot kena "jentik" this way. With the election on the way, it wouldn't look so good to them with the existing situation in this country. But come to think of it, those things mentioned in the song are from the perspective of a Malaysian who belong to a group which doesn't really get the equal treatment from the government. Ok ...don't get me wrong here. I enjoy my status as a bumiputera but why they shud be a status quo like this?

This status quo maybe a big issue and there are so many things that are connected to it which made it kinda complicated. But just ponder about this, *my personal thought-not meant to be agreed by anyone*-the benefits given by the government to the bumiputera is good but can't they distribute the advantages evenly to other non-bumis as well? For example, the monetary funds for those who want to further the studies shud be given based on their family income and status and not because u have the BIN, BINTI, SITI, ABDUL, etc in ur name..

Maybe it will be hard to let everyone compete at the same level and stage in this country because the nation do not want the society to have economic gap that is so severe. But after 9 RMK's the problem is still there. Is that an effective plan or just a damage control plan?

The theory of evolution has proved that it is done through selection and survival of the fittest. One type of being with different characteristics modified themselves through generations to be fitter and stronger in order to survive... And in the environment and ecological system this happen without any RMK's and special status. Mother nature has showed us how to survive in this world. But why we ignore it?

I guess some beings evolved as well, but over the years, it is the evolution-gone-wrong happened...That is why now we have Mat Rempits, Minah Rempits, Very Happy HardCore Druggies and the list goes on :)

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