Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Totally a lazy day

Woke up early, before 6am to prepare breakfast for my sister before she set off to school. Got back to sleep and woke up again 2 hours later to have breakfast. Then back to bed again. Woke up 2 hours later to do the must-do house chores then browse the YouTube until I realized that am late for work. Hahaha.

Muka malas
And reached school to find a pleasant surprise gift from one of the class I teach. I totally don't expect this since I don't have any class to "jaga" this year.

Anyway, I am still lazy.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The weekend with (a) Big Bang

But before that...

More drama at the airport first, 

And so as you know, we got our flight retimed to another day. ( Saturday 1055 ) and we already had wasted paying for the hotel room that we never made it to the previous night because we are still in KK.

Got to the checked in counter and just to find out that we got overbooked!

And I was like....

How can this be? I spent like almost 4 freaking hours just to get my flight retimed last night and now you say there's no seat for me in that freaking 1055 flight.

 So, I decided to just sit there and told them get me a confirmed flight and am gonna sit here and wait if there's any opening for the 1055, 1230 and 1430 flights. And also at the same time, I am already planning what sort of drama am gonna put on if they gonna say that the 1500 flight am confirmed to be on will be delayed or cancelled again. ( Think umban selipar, cursing words etc )

As me and my sister were talking on what things that we gonna do and also eating breakfast ( they provide free breakfast for disgruntled guests like us ), my sister told me she saw one guest before were like giving money to the staff to "urus" their flights. I really don't have any idea of this under-the-table activity, but if this is for real, am really gonna throw a fit!

Then minutes later, the staff at the counter came to us and said he will try to squeeze us in the 1055 flight after all and that time is already 1045. Apparently, there are 17 no-shows for the flight 10 mins prior to the take off. So, cut long story short and sort of drama. We managed to get on the flight minutes before they depart. (Ah, the beauty of having no checked in baggage )

Tulis pakai pen saja ah the arrangements, baiklah. And that 18E seat is not available actually but biarlah they put me at the Hot Seat instead. Bah, yeay la bah kan bilang! Hahaha. Thank God for all this and am bound to KL that morning itself.

Big Bang concert...

If you are the person, who gonna ask me "Apa itu Big Bang?", you better don't read the remaining post.

We checked in around 3pm and off we go to the Stadium ( concert venue ) which is less than 5 minutes walk from our hotel. Forget all the drama this morning and the day before and just embrace the chaos at the concert place.

And after buying some imitation concert goodies, HAHAHA, ( clearly, we are not the ultimate fangirls ). The real fangirls, really go all out buying all the official merchandises and its not cheap you know. I salute them!

Plus, if you think that we have to endure all this suffering to watch this concert, you should have seen those camping out at the VIP entrance just to make sure they could make that final dash to get nearest to the stage. Some of them camp since Thursday, under rain and shine. Crazy!

And this is the concert venue from our room

And this is from my friend's room, see that black car and van at the backstage area, that's Big Bang's official transport. So, catching a glimpse of them going down from the car/van pun boleh jadi hysterical moments. (Siok juga bah squealing like a schoolgirl, feeling like a teenager again. Haha )

Off we go to the concert, jadi budak. Hehehe. 

This is the entrance to our place, ( yes, its the cheapest ticket RM98 punya saja ). My sister's  friends ( the ones in the photo above - bought the most expensive ticket ( VIP tickets - RM700 begitu harga ) ). I am in awe, they are the ultimate fan girls. 

So the squeezing in through that narrow door begins ( lucky the 4 hours queuing the day before provided more than enough training for us ) and tadaa!!! here's the view taken by the hour. 





 And it rained before the show kicked off, it was a sea of colorful raincoats and flashing yellow lights!

The show started with a BIG BANG!

The live music is awesome. All the musicians are all African American. Crazy beats! 

The stage is out of the world. The Koreans really go all out with their props and stage and sound system and back up dancers. Worth the money watching them live.

And I thought, it was only for an hour or so but it was more than 2 hours mind blowing show. Crazy bunch of Koreans this Big Bang. With two encores. It was awesome. And it's rather and eye opening concert. My sister said if it is a Japanese or Korean act, this is a standard kind of concert. 

They shipped their props together with them and I learnt that the night's show cost more than 4million. It was no surprise because they were fireworks and all. ( Am looking forward for 2NE1 concert in December, hopefully I will have enough moo-lah to go for it )

Aftermath of the show, lots of sampah like usual! Hmmpph.

 And I slept seeing stars and more Korean guys in my dreams. Haha

Random stuff I got from this trip

Hello Kitty perfume. Shopping at the airport rocks

I just love this tee! Tukang jual dia bisu so susah mo minta diskaun

Maiden attempt to get some hair extensions. Subtle first, just don't wanna go crazy. If you are wondering what happen to my bleached ends before? Hmmph. Thanks to a disastrous hair trimming in which the whole bleached area was cut off. I wanna cry just to recall about that. So, this is another solution. Will get more when the school holiday start. I scraped the idea to go blonde the whole head because of my scalp irritation. Blergh!

How was your weekend?


Friday, October 26, 2012

Eventful evening - Chaos at the airport

Chaos at the airport this evening. I had an eventful evening and am just gonna keep things short

So, me and my sisters are en route to KL for the Big Bang concert.

Originally, it was supposed to be at 1710hrs but I got a text telling about the flight delayed to 1855hrs. OK FINE!

We reached the airport and start queuing up for the boarding hall at 1800hrs and the line was like this. OK FINE!

And I get to know that there's a LOT of flight are delayed before this and almost all the flights supposed to fly together. OK FINE!

We almost reached the boarding gate and there's the announcement, our already DELAYED flight is gonna be DELAYED again because the runway lights are not working and they are closing the runway from 1800-2200hrs. OK FINE!

Tunggu skijap lagi in the line, and the legs gave up and we ended up sitting on the floor making ourselves at home. OK FINE!

Then came another announcement, ALL FLIGHTS ARE CANCELLED! 

And I was like...This is a no more OK FINE moment, it was totally a WHAT THE F*CK moment. Everything seems to be in slow-mo after the announcement and all the noise around seems to disappear and the background. It took me a couple of minutes to come back to my senses.

Checked with the other AirAsia crew and they asked us to queue at the counter. 

So, the real horror begins!
We no like Q-ing with uncivilized people!!!
Summary of the 4 hours queuing ordeal

  • There's SO many people!
  • The Mat Salleh lady in the pic above ( behind us in green ) started shouting with the staff and the other guests semua pun batu api.
  • There's an uncle accused me of cutting his line in which in the photo above clearly showed that he was nowhere to be seen before that. Apparently he was the one cutting the queue. The bini came in to gang up lagi. Cakap saya student potong queue with my trolley. ( Thanks anyway for saying me I look young like a student and hell no I haven't got any trolley with me that time - see pure accusation! )
  • I shouted back at the Uncle " IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GO IN FRONT OF ME, JUST SAY IT NICELY, I WILL LET YOU PASS" then dia pigi dapan saya and he could only manage to bypass me and got stuck somewhere near the counter unable to get his turn as well.
  • There's a pregnant lady who was in a panic attack who was cursing like hell and marah semua orang " INI LAH NI AIRASIA MAKAN DUIT ORANG SAJA " She said. Mau suruh dia calm down pun tidak tau cemana sudah.
  • Then another student cut queue at a nearby counter and the rest of the queue bombard him with merciless words
  • Another counter nearby was heated with arguments because the line hardly move and the guy was cursing in Chinese and I don't understand anything but I know the lady behind me was being a batu api shouted " YA, MARAH DIA.. MARAH DIA"

I finally managed to reach the counter and sempat lagi snap gambar. I just dont know what to feel that time. Exhausted mentally  I guess. It was a real mental challenge. Everybody wants to run amok and running out of patience. I pity those with connecting flights and what not. But everything seems to be at a bad timing la.

UMS students all on mid-semester break, people balik kampung for AidilAdha, long weekend and people on weekends getaway. Hmmm.

And this is the poor fella who bersusah payah do all the amendments and answer all the angry customers. I salute to the people who can maintain their cool in situation like this.

We got our flights rescheduled for 1055 tomorrow because there's no more flights tonight and no more earlier flights than the ones given. Sigh.

Well, everything happens for a reason.

Something good to know ya.
Anyway, the concert tomorrow better be good. And hopefully there's no more problem like this tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I should go to bed now.

p.s: I don't understand with the airport management. Why there is no contingency plan to handle situation like this. If they know the lights has been a problem since yesterday evening, why is it still the same until today?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Odd things around the world

As I was searching for iTunes Malaysia on the search engine. I clicked to one of the links provided in the search results and to my amazement, I found this artist named Malaysia.

Saya rasa lucu ni.. ada pula ah. Si Malaysia nama dia. hehehe

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just because

Y is everything so girly and roses all around this blog now? Just because I found an image that matches my table cloth very well now and so I decided it should be the background for this blog too. Gotta see how long I can tahan the sight of the roses around. Haha

It's a cold and rainy Tuesday

Was at the school field since 2.30pm, handling the post exam activities and although the heavy burden on our shoulders are so great ( because of the dysfunctional organization we had at school ), somehow these kids made me smile.

The kicking of air because they missed the ball and the frequent fall flat on their face and some in the mud. And them rushing to the ball with gusto in a very big group like the anak ayam kana bagi makan. It was fun! Although still sakit hati with the rest of the teachers who didn't really do their part and share the burden. ( Hey, you are not the only who has a lot desk work to do towards year end okay )

It drizzled along the way but it rained so heavy at around 4pm and the game has to stop for a while. And it resumed back after the downpour subsides to light rain only. Shivering and wet, the high spirit and youthfulness of these kids filled the school field. As you can see there's only girls playing football/futsal right? The boys..hmpppph. Ask the lazy male teachers.

So, this is my comfort drink for today. My jaw still aches till now because it has been clenching the whistle for most of the time because I have one hand holding the umbrella and the other holding the phone for timing the game.
Hot Chocolate!

I just wanna stay in my warm bed as for now. But, I need to do my final appraisal. Mau isi borang SKT dulu ya. And yes, tomorrow another muddy and wet day at the school field. I hope I don't catch a cold.

Rainbow Notes

Available for purchase. RM15. Support  your local act, bili lah.... hehe

Monday, October 15, 2012

Good morning

It's quite a rare situation that I am actually blogging right after I settled down on my desk at work.

Well, it's quite a routine to just check my Instagram, checked in Foursquare and browse through my Facebook for at least 15minutes after arriving at work. Talk about "productivity"- haha. In any case, those teacher-haters who always says we have a lot of free time in our hands are actually plotting a plan to bash on teachers; go on! I have nothing to lose. I know that I am a human to who needs my social media relief.

Anyway, this is my view on my work station now. I didn't sleep well last night. I only manage to drift to sleep by 3am and I am groggy at work. I was supposed to be at school by 7am but I clocked in at 7.59am. 59 minutes late. Bwahahahaha! Anyway, Alleluia for the PMR exams, students are off and it's all about paper works and exam scripts.

Marking papers, leggo!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Pumping Rainbows to your Friday

The irony of rainbow existence. It's neither raining nor sunny. It's the best of both worlds. So as the melodical notes of this mini album. Most of the song are laced with happy phrases yet ironically it will made you feel otherwise.

Care to have some rainbow notes in your music selection? Here's me and my sisters' mini album. Only RM15 with 5 new tracks and 2 songs ( new arrangements ) plus 2 festive covers. All yours at MYR15.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shabby Chic Princess room progress

90% done after two weeks. The first week was hell. I don't even have a place to sleep. Dust and mess everywhere. I got like 7 big bags of garbage thrown out after the "filtering" process.

Oh God! The "filtering" process is like the hardest ever.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

We; Sabahans

Sabahans and their fascination towards weird spelling of names

Luckily I am spared from this but my youngest sister ada weird second name. I wonder how my parents can come up with Elyntine

Check out this one. One of the class that I invigilated their exams today. Fuyoooh!!! The spelling of the names and the combination of letters. So creative!

Sabahans choice of names never fail to amaze me


Hi, I am Joan and I am a hoarder.

I am in the middle of the decluttering my room now. The last weekend was filled with the leisure room project ( in case you are wondering its where all the music stuff and gaming stuff are).A makeover as well and the whole of this week is for my bedroom.

When I opened the boxes on top of my cupboard, to my surprise it was filled with memories from primary school till now. Will blog about the "treasures" soon. In the meantime, I am chucking out the things that I should have thrown out ages ago but letting it go is the hardest part.

Sentimental person I am. But too sentimental pun susah juga. Semua barang mau simpan. Atui. Bahaya. I have not much room for the stuff in the past. Somehow, filtering out the things are hard. Or maybe I hold onto the past too much.

One of the things that I almost can't let go is my journal during 1st year and 2nd year in uni. From the stories of social challenges, exam blues, major heartbreaks, crushes, alcohol intolerance, parties and suicidal thoughts. I read it back last night and some of the names I can't even recall anymore. Haha. As much as I treasure the memories, it's time to move on I guess.

So, this post will be a reminder for me that I have gone through that years (18 going on 20 years old period and this was also the pre blogging years ) with a lot of bittersweet memories. Plus it's good to be reminded that I have my family and best friends who helped me go through those moments.

This are all the sampah from the top of my cupboard. Sudah sudah la stories from the past to be kept kan, just remember the good memories kan.