Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's a cold and rainy Tuesday

Was at the school field since 2.30pm, handling the post exam activities and although the heavy burden on our shoulders are so great ( because of the dysfunctional organization we had at school ), somehow these kids made me smile.

The kicking of air because they missed the ball and the frequent fall flat on their face and some in the mud. And them rushing to the ball with gusto in a very big group like the anak ayam kana bagi makan. It was fun! Although still sakit hati with the rest of the teachers who didn't really do their part and share the burden. ( Hey, you are not the only who has a lot desk work to do towards year end okay )

It drizzled along the way but it rained so heavy at around 4pm and the game has to stop for a while. And it resumed back after the downpour subsides to light rain only. Shivering and wet, the high spirit and youthfulness of these kids filled the school field. As you can see there's only girls playing football/futsal right? The boys..hmpppph. Ask the lazy male teachers.

So, this is my comfort drink for today. My jaw still aches till now because it has been clenching the whistle for most of the time because I have one hand holding the umbrella and the other holding the phone for timing the game.
Hot Chocolate!

I just wanna stay in my warm bed as for now. But, I need to do my final appraisal. Mau isi borang SKT dulu ya. And yes, tomorrow another muddy and wet day at the school field. I hope I don't catch a cold.

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