Tuesday, April 09, 2013

March Round Up

I am taking forever to blog these days. Too much chaos. And it took a lot more time when I am now distracted with eating meat. Haha. Macam terus gain weight ni.

So, its 9 April today. If I were to be in the finals of this particular competition that I joined, I will be nervously waiting for my turn to do my thing. But I only reached the semifinals and that was the end of my journey. I was kinda pissed at first because I didn't get to the finals. Thinking I did better than the others. And perhaps am too fat or too short or not articulate enough. Oh well, I guess God has better plans for me and I gotta look at the bigger picture of life. Sulk a bit and smile after that. Life goes on. Gah! But, hey it was an experience to remember and opportunity to gain new friends.

All the best for the final six!

Also, it's quite a headache in choosing things for the event am planning. I seriously need to get myself to workout, I don't seem to fit in any of the "typical" size gowns and styles and most of the time I will be like blown up doll with super big chest. For example, I always dream to wear this cheongsam inspired gown like this. Tapi sudah pigi pernah try yang lebih kurang like this, I can't wear a cheongsam top and when it's white it magnifies everything on the chest. Huhu.
From Yes I Do Facebook page, am loving their gowns. Bride to be, do check out their fb page.  Share2 bah kita

Plus the trumpet or mermaid gown like this only made me look short and stocky. Damn you tall and lanky girls!
Come what may. Downsizing the dream gown expectation will definitely make a difference and am open to options now. Enough of the headaches and heartaches over gowns in March. Frankly, I fear gown fittings because it really hurts my self esteem.

Hmmm..what else, happen in March ah? the significant ones are only this two. Now, that the first quarter of the year has fly by, I am looking forward for another great adventure starting April onwards.

Also a note to my fellow teacher bloggers, I want to officially make a statement here. I HATE PBS! Macam betul teda guna itu barang, budak pun macam hey-whatever-sajalah punya attitude because they know there's no exam and can retest many many times. Hmmm...ok itu saja. Babai!


Jue said...

wah...banyak juga yg berlaku d bulan march kan...

Just said...

tu experience yg mahal ba kan.. sepa mau kasi! Yg penting, u have done ur best! :)

Earthy Emily said...

Abigail Phoebe was my wedding reception's MC :).. All the best in planning your wedding, Joan..

unduk unduk said...

Hi Joan! remember me from the audition? experience yang mahal bah kan, saya pun,at least meet me new friend. :)

Joan said...

hi unduk unduk..yea ingat bah..yep the experience paling siok

chegu carol said...

perhaps the situation in my school is different from yours. plus budak2 saya skula rendah saja. so, we don't really get pissed off much with the PBS thingy. yeah, memang banyak kerja but so far everything's ok with the work flow. maybe kalo secondary lebih banyak paper work kali kan?