Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursdays : Things I like #2

On a beautiful day like this, I shall focus my energy on writing the good things that I like and should always be thankful for. Yeah, little things that we can often overlook just because it is always there

1) My handphone

It is an iphone 4s, 16GB. Macam menyesal pula settle down with the minimum memory. Now that I have been using for almost 3 years, itu memory macam nda cukup juga. Nooo...don't get the idea of me changing phones, am not keeping up with technology. If it is not for this phone being a Christmas gift, I guess I am still stuck with my old phone.

2) My viva

Even though, it has a lot of scars and scratch to it, my faithful Viva is still loyal to me. Gotta take care of her properly these days because she is aging too. Huhuhu. Ooops, next month time mo service itu Cik Bibah.

3) My Dell Laptop

Biarpun sa selalu marah2 dia for being lembab and all but kalau dia tiada maka porak peranda la dunia saya. Been serving me well until now since 2007. Good job lappy! Keep up the good work

4) The kipas in my room

Kipas paling berusaha di dunia. Several times, I have been advised to install air-con in my room but I guess the ceiling fan is good enough for me. My skin can't tolerate the dry cool air by the AC most of the time when I am at hotels and all. So yeah, kipas it is.

5) My red nike watch

I bought this with my first pay so it holds a BIG sentimental value for me. It reminds me of my journey being a teacher. Rain or shine this watch is always on my wrist. It used to be waterproof and I always swim with it but now the "getah" to seal the water from coming inside sudah sot2 sikit maka nda berapa waterproof la dia


So, there you have it the 5 (often over-looked) things in my life that I really can't live without.

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Just said...

u r indeed a good user.. semua brg tahan lama.. :)