Friday, April 19, 2013


Recalling back a conversation I had with my cousin, who worked at the Eye Department in QEH K.K. She said that one of the common eye ailment being treated there is Pterygium.

Initially, I thought it's the growth like thingy that people said caused by "minyak" in badan. Yang macam isi tumbuh right at the corner of the eye.

But it is actually, a growth on the membrane of the eye.

Nah, gambar simulation saja saya berani pos. Geli pula kalau tinguk real case punya gambar
Usually people with this condition will be advised to see doctor for further treatment, but if the pterygium case belum sampai tahap "matang" lagi then the doctor bulum lagi mo treat.

It's because the treatment will be like "scraping" the growth part from the eye when your eyes are open and YES you are fully awake. Ada bius la mungkin. Or ubat. I am not sure. You go google about this or ask a doctor to know about this.

And it is important to know what is the cause of PTERYGIUM

*common among people living in the tropical region because we are exposed to UV lights like all year round. Cumulative UV exposure. ( that's why this condition is also known as surfer's eyes )
* it is important to protect your eyes with proper UV filtering sunglasses ( now only I understand why my cousin said why all the doctors at the Eye Dept have really expensive sunnies )
* severe cases can lead to trouble in seeing and if being left untreated can make you blind

Wait, doesn't computer screens also emit UV lights? oh no... camana la ni..

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