Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Frenzy

Cheers to a new week. How's everyone doing? It must felt "festive" on the roads these days that the political parties are goin all out with their campaign now. Some posters are really a nuisance though because it is placed at the junction on where you need to see the incoming cars. It's totally a hazard!

But I can remember the past election long ago, people can be very creative with their campaign and these days people are turning into the digital-creative era. Check this one out. It is so weirdly funny!


Jue said...

Sibuk kempen sdh kan...Psttt ko sdh pi mengudi kah...? hehhe

Joan said...

Jue...ni tahun belum lagi la sebab belum masa mengundi..kalau yang GE12 sudah la..