Wednesday, April 24, 2013

W - is for Wednesday ( Wedding Invites )

Wedding Wednesdays!  One of my fave thing to do now is browse for wedding invite samples. And then again, this is always a delicate matter on how the wording should be and such. Let alone the choice of fonts and what not. Hmmmm.

One thing for sure I am really sure that I don't want my wedding invite to have my photo on it. Nda tau la pula kenapa sa nda suka ni, maybe the thought of having the card to be thrown away anyway or it will just end up collecting dust in someone's house...I don't know. Saya nda mo muka sa kana conteng2. Haha ( ketara la time budak2 suka ni menconteng muka urang di kad kahwin )

Anyways, here's some wedding invites inspiration off the net

Dreamy flowers i like!

Doily as envelopes...Ahhh how charming!

Burnt orange ombre effects ~ so dramatic!


Just said...

ya ba kan.. design lawa2 + mahal2.. skali di tong sampah jg.. but hey, i do keep my friends wedding card ok.. nda semua la.. :)

Jue said...

Waa..Nice kan...Vintage style ko x suka..heheh..Sa pun boleh buat wedding card....heheh...ketara mengoffer kan diri ...

GladysDavid said...

Loves the one with doily envelope!

GladysDavid said...

Loves the one with doily envelope!