Friday, April 26, 2013

Pay day

Pay day for us yesterday and today is pay day to all the banks and bills what not. Money is a dynamic asset. It will only be in digital form these days. Thanks for online banking. YOU NEVER SEE YOUR MONEY PHYSICALLY. One minute the numbers showed you have this amount of money and the next thing you know after clicking a hell load of buttons. Voila!

No money anymore.



What in the world that I have signed up for. Damn you car loan. Damn you house loan. Damn you credit card bills. But in the end, who is to blame? it's yours truly anyway. Siapa suruh mo ada kereta, siapa suruh bili rumah that you don't even stay ( teda penyewa sekarang, in between mencari tenant, memang paling konsikang ni sekarang ), siapa suruh spend on credit card anyway. Siapa suruh???

Kesimpulannya, after tolak semua dan segala bagai.( savings nasib boleh juga ada sikit la ) Tinggal lah approximately RM500 bikin makan sama duit minyak ini bulan. Adui.

Anyway, I should be grateful. Some people could only get paid RM500 monthly and that is for everything (bills and what not). I should be GRATEFUL.

 And I have that RM500 to spend wisely.

p.s: mo cari kerja part time la ni. bah sepa mo cari emcee untuk kahwin or event. Contact me ok! :) Have a great Friday you all

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