Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sot sot

I was so shocked this morning to see my  cat, Taeboo, playing with this animal. Like in the living room. I am like WTF! WTF! WTF! 

I ran inside my room and called my dad at work and then called my grandpa next door to help me. Punya la. Saya rasa lucu sendiri ni. 

It seems that this is his new hobby. Hunt for animals outside and bring inside the house. My dad also just discovered at one corner of the living room, there's a bangkai tikus, believed to be the victim of casualties from Taeboo's hunting spree.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Run

#SH7Krun trending all over my instagram yesterday.

Ran with my dad this year. Lambat sampai kami sebab susah mau cari parking. Jam tahap dewa. Itu lah kejadian kalau lambat bergerak dari Tamparuli mo pigi KK. It's my dad, first time running in a big running event. Nervous juga kali dia tu. Hehe.

Missing my siblings for the run this time. Sutera Harbour official instagram account kasi iklan itu selfie contest dia, ada muka kami sana. Hehehe.

Ramai orang oh! See!! Siok!! Running is totally liberating. 

And since there's a competition for selfie as well. It's selfie madness at the finishing line.

And ada Zumba lagi to kick off the post run concert. Didn't stay for the concert though. Maklum la jauh mau balik. Hehe

My target for this run is 1 hour to complete the 7K. Well, I must say it wasn't easy if I didn't set my target. I didn't train for this and the stamina training are wholly dependent on Zumba only. So, the result is 52mins 56secs for the run. Ok lah juga tapi no muscle endurance. Huhu. My dad finished his run around 55mins. Laju oh.

Camana la mau lari 10K for the Putrajaya Night Run in October. Must. Train. Jog. Not Zumba only. Huhu. Must.RUN! Tapi sa malas bah. Odoi.

Anyway, good job for Sutera Harbour for organizing the event. Super fun! Tapi sa heran nda terjumpa familiar faces this year. Time 2012 ramai pula orang yang sa kenal sa jumpa. Huhu

Friday, August 22, 2014

When you dont feel like doing anything....

It is the transition week and I feel so overwhelmed with the list of things I need to do. I never thought that during this time last year was a time of checklists and what nots and now its another checklists of things.

1) clear up back logged reports, PBS reports, record of marks

2) document them properly in files. Hardcopy and softcopy. I am thinking to have it in cloud storage but I know a LOT of people at work just dont know how to get their hands on cloud computing yet.

3) pack! loads of packing need to be done. My oh my!

One word. Overwhelmed.

Yes. Indeed. I just don't know where to start and I just feel like lying on the bed and watch the fan ceiling go round and round.

Btw, who is running for the 7K sunset run tomorrow? See you all there!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Medical checkup

Everytime ambil darah, then I will get bruised. Definitely. Mesti punya. That's why I dread medical check ups. Luckily it wasn't that painful this time and it was quick as compared to the last time when the doctor can't find my vein. Yes, it's hard to locate my vein. Small vein maybe. Dunno la.

So after a few days jadi begini la tu tangan. 

Yeah, it will go away soon. But seeing my own blood drawn from my body. Ada rasa mo pingsan juga la. I have never donated blood you know. I am known to be a coward with syringe and my own blood. Darah orang lain ok pula. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Calm down

I think I need to calm down. My head is clouded with things and I just don't know where to start. Macam banyak mo diurus tapi nda tau apa. Overwhelmed by emotions of knowing but not telling is such an agony too. 

Ah, I love sunsets. It's magnificent to know that this view is actually just at your own backyard. Awesome! How I wish this view is always here to stay. Mesra Terrace teda ni. Huhu.

Anyway, it's my JPN wedding anniversary  today. Haha. Main sign2 punya kawin. Time flies. Bulan dapan is the wedding anniversary yang bukan main sign2. Haha.

No. Belum berisi lagi ni. If it is that the question you have in mind. See, I read minds too. Haha. LOL

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Last week punya cerita

An event that I have been planning in my head since last year finally happened. No, it's not my wedding again. Haha.

It's the dance competition for the school kids at school. I wanted to do it last year but I was so caught up with the wedding prep and only this year I have a clearer mind to get it done.

The school I am teaching now is my former school. When I was a student there, talent competitions were in abundance. We have singing competition, dance and so on. The glory days of girl bands were fully utilized and we were all "wannabe(s)". Haha, blame spice girls.

For the six years I teach in this school, there is no talent competition. No, choir and drama doesn't count. That's too boring. Just because, talent competition doesn't have any higher levels (as in boleh wakil sekolah ) then all the effort to do this FUN stuff isn't there. So, I decided I must do one. Well, at least one. To bring back the glory days of the fun school environment.

The response was great. Full house!!!

Even though some other teachers voiced their dissatifaction. Well, throw negative vibes aside. Biar lah. It is not that this event is condoning teenagers doing some trashy dance moves. They should know that I put strict rules for the dance contest.

First round is for ethnic fusion dance choreography. They were given some random pop songs and they have to infuse traditional dance elements in the modern choreography.

Second round is free style choreography in which they are allowed to choose any song mix ( with clean lyrics, no explicit words, only clean radio friendly version ) and they have to utilise one type of prop in their dance.

No twerking and no trashy/slutty movements allowed. It's pure dance and choreography oriented. Well, if some teachers don't understand how hard to pull off a choreography in that two rounds, it's their loss. Haha.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

First week of August!

Time never wait for no man. Semua la bah capat kan. Spent the raya week at the mister's place. No open house to be visited in KL. So boring! Unlike back home. Semua orang boleh pigi open house. KL is like a dead town during raya kalau ada open house pun it is more like closed door open house, kalau jiran sebelah rumah ko celebrate hari raya then dorang only invite their friends. The open house concept there is so unlike Borneo. I have a major culture shock. Punya la.

So, kasi terbang bawa p KL semua kuih and what not and do my open house sana la. Padahal kami2 saja d rumah ma. Kesian kan, no where to go for raya. People there find it odd ni you also sibuk beli kuih raya walaupun bukan muslim yang celebrate raya. Padahal kalau di Sabah perkara biasa. Semua orang celebrate everything.

SS hari raya at home. Haha

I came back only right before school re-open this week jadi nda la sempat beraya sama orang kampung. Missing the suasana hari raya with all the kepoh aunties suka tanya kepoh questions. As much as I hated it, it is also fun at times.

First week of school in August comes like a whirlwind. All the delayed projects and events because of Ramadhan are starting to happen almost at the same time. So, my project for a dance competition is also happening this Friday. Those who are around and want to watch, all are welcome! Free entrance. Datang saja ya tengok my students menari nari. Hehe