Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Last week punya cerita

An event that I have been planning in my head since last year finally happened. No, it's not my wedding again. Haha.

It's the dance competition for the school kids at school. I wanted to do it last year but I was so caught up with the wedding prep and only this year I have a clearer mind to get it done.

The school I am teaching now is my former school. When I was a student there, talent competitions were in abundance. We have singing competition, dance and so on. The glory days of girl bands were fully utilized and we were all "wannabe(s)". Haha, blame spice girls.

For the six years I teach in this school, there is no talent competition. No, choir and drama doesn't count. That's too boring. Just because, talent competition doesn't have any higher levels (as in boleh wakil sekolah ) then all the effort to do this FUN stuff isn't there. So, I decided I must do one. Well, at least one. To bring back the glory days of the fun school environment.

The response was great. Full house!!!

Even though some other teachers voiced their dissatifaction. Well, throw negative vibes aside. Biar lah. It is not that this event is condoning teenagers doing some trashy dance moves. They should know that I put strict rules for the dance contest.

First round is for ethnic fusion dance choreography. They were given some random pop songs and they have to infuse traditional dance elements in the modern choreography.

Second round is free style choreography in which they are allowed to choose any song mix ( with clean lyrics, no explicit words, only clean radio friendly version ) and they have to utilise one type of prop in their dance.

No twerking and no trashy/slutty movements allowed. It's pure dance and choreography oriented. Well, if some teachers don't understand how hard to pull off a choreography in that two rounds, it's their loss. Haha.

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