Thursday, August 07, 2014

First week of August!

Time never wait for no man. Semua la bah capat kan. Spent the raya week at the mister's place. No open house to be visited in KL. So boring! Unlike back home. Semua orang boleh pigi open house. KL is like a dead town during raya kalau ada open house pun it is more like closed door open house, kalau jiran sebelah rumah ko celebrate hari raya then dorang only invite their friends. The open house concept there is so unlike Borneo. I have a major culture shock. Punya la.

So, kasi terbang bawa p KL semua kuih and what not and do my open house sana la. Padahal kami2 saja d rumah ma. Kesian kan, no where to go for raya. People there find it odd ni you also sibuk beli kuih raya walaupun bukan muslim yang celebrate raya. Padahal kalau di Sabah perkara biasa. Semua orang celebrate everything.

SS hari raya at home. Haha

I came back only right before school re-open this week jadi nda la sempat beraya sama orang kampung. Missing the suasana hari raya with all the kepoh aunties suka tanya kepoh questions. As much as I hated it, it is also fun at times.

First week of school in August comes like a whirlwind. All the delayed projects and events because of Ramadhan are starting to happen almost at the same time. So, my project for a dance competition is also happening this Friday. Those who are around and want to watch, all are welcome! Free entrance. Datang saja ya tengok my students menari nari. Hehe

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