Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last day of November

And so today is the 30th eh? I see many people are lamenting about how time flies. Yeah, time flies super fast. Yet, there were also times I remember that time pass SO slow.

I think I have been lazy lately to update anything on my blog. I saw this post at BloggieDoggie, and I thought "Hey, this is a good idea to get my blog updated everyday"

So, I am doin it! Yeay!! ( Thanks for the inspiration at BloggieDoggie)

Anyway, when I woke up this morning, I was thinking...it's a new day, I need to start working on the things that had been put on hold.

* went to school at 9am to take my letters, then terjumpa my Penolong Kanan then kena bawa discuss about jadual.

* then the Principal wanted to see me about the School Diary project

* whole afternoon, every hour, my phone rang. Someone from the vendor la, the Chief Clerk la, people from church la. Adoi...my afternoon nap pun terkacau.
The phone calls certainly drove me up the wall.. argh!

Huh, so much for a peaceful holiday eh?

Tomorrow, need to go school at 730am lagi. Ada urusan seri paduka baginda. Pffft! :S

Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday: Say NO to Plastic Bags

Yes. Going Green doesn't hurt.

I always tend to forget to bring my own shopping bag everywhere I go. So, I decided to get this.

another keychain? No lah..

Put it together with car keys or my clutch. I will have it wherever I go then. Especially on the days when I am so lazy to bring a bag with me. And this will allow me to go green all the way.

We must start somewhere right?

It is quite sad when I hear people whining about plastic bags being banned on Mondays. Menyusahkan la. And what other nonsense I heard.

And its even sad when I saw the attitude of our own people as compared to the Mat Salleh(s)

There was this one time when I was lining up at the Big Apple Donuts outlet in KK. A Mat Salleh couple was in front of me and when they paid their donuts they said to the cashier "No Plastic Bags Please" and just politely bring the box with them.

Immediately after they left, the cashier and her friend were giggling and imitating the Mat Salleh gesture of not wanting the plastic bag. I was so dumbfounded and also disappointed at their attitude. I was unsure whether or not should I say no to the plastic bag when its already my time to pay my donuts.

But, yeah, screw their thoughts. I am going GREEN. I say NO to the plastic bags as well.

Paduli lah kalau dorang mo kasi ketawa. Palui la bah!

It's just so heartbreaking to see people and their attitude like that. And sometimes I saw people at a grocery store, beli satu tin cola pun mau plastic juga tapi minum terus juga itu cola. Why do you even need the plastic bag in the first place? Odoiiii..

I mean you can't change the world in a blink of an eye. But it takes a collective effort to make something happen and make a difference.

Why not start with yourself first. I have taken my first step. Have you?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Every night..

before you go to sleep...
so that tomorrow will be better than today

and always keep this thought in your head

Good night pretty people!

After a few hours...

on this stupid non ergonomic chair of mine. ( but I still love it cos its pink ), I managed to get some inspiration to revamp my blog.

Now, I have a wider blog.

Less nonsense at the sidebar and I can post pictures, videos and other nonsense luas luas.. Muahaha!

And hey it's still in pink. Siapa tidak suka sorry la ah.
I LOVE PINK!!! Hidup Pink-a-holics! ( pumps fists in the air )

The pink yuletide theme, I decided to do something that can last longer than the Christmas season only. But, I am very much anticipating the coming of December. Lovin' Christmas time!

Short updates of me

* dyed my hair two shades lighter ( I guess ) . So, I need to make sure my skin doesn't get tanned if not I'd end up like a Ganguro girl.

* I still haven't finished marking exam papers. Yay me.. ( sigh actually ) - been procrastinating too much

* Everyday wake up must watch TV. Ada asian games bah!

* and yes, I am travelling again this holiday! Where to? Nowhere... hehehe.. Not goin' anywhere this school hols. My pocket is beyond being kering. I don't know where's my pocket already. Konsikang sudah ni.

-London. Paris. New York. All I wanna go!-
* feels weird that I get to spend the whole hols at home and actually could finish up a few projects. Fingers crossed. Will tell you guys about the projects soon. If this could be done, my 2010 will be very much complete

Saturday, November 20, 2010

School's out

School's out, let scream and shout!

And I should be screaming and shouting at myself if I don't get my lazy bum to sit at my workstation to mark exam papers.

The due date for this is in a couple of days and I don't even want to look at the papers. The sight of it made me dizzy, uhmmm... or rather sleepy. @~@

Anyway, cheers for the coming of school holidays

( even though there's a lot of things to do but I'd like to think that I have nothing to worry about ... self denial is the best for the time being )

Congratulations Serra & Neo

Serra & Neo, congratulations for your engagement today. Bah, itu Ketua Anak Negeri bilang satu tahun tu ah.. Hehe. Jangan kasi lama ^_*

Ooh and lovin' the deco and all the little things during the engagement. Truly very Serra.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Youth Arts Festival

Hey, no one coughed in the middle of the song but the ukulele no sound!!!

Well, no one to blame. It just happen to be like that. I personally think that the sound system could be better, still okay lah! All is good because we are doing it for charity.

So another re-do on the song because me and my sisters were kinda dissapointed with our own performance earlier. Enjoy the nasal sound of my voice because of my blocked nose! Haha.

At the YAF also, I met two old friends. Jojie and Daisy. My juniors from uni. Ahhh..those were the days and now we are wiser.. Hehe
p.s: still waiting for the inspiration to come for ideas to make a pink yuletide theme..and its already mid November

Friday, November 12, 2010

Rush Rush Friday

I am supposed to be on my CRK today but I have to go to school first to settle all about the text book thingy.

A chaotic afternoon; been trying to keep my head cool amidst all the conflict. I just hate some disorganized people do their work and kacau my space.

Anyway, rushed to 1B for soundcheck just now as well. I, myself haven't really recovered from coughing and flu. My other sister also now in the same boat as me.

So, the performance tomorrow, we are definitely praying hard so that no one..no one.. cough in the middle of the songs.

I have only one wish this weekend; so that everyone is healed from coughing and flu. So susah oh like dis.

To conclude the shitty day, on my way back home, a motorcycle langgar the side of my car and crashed my side mirror ( left side )... kin panas..

Totally a shitty day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better one. I wanna sleep first. Nite2!!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


This flu and coughing still bugging me a lot. Thank God that the soreness of the throat has subsided and the fever wasn't as bad as Monday.

I thought am gonna die shivering on Monday night. It has been a while since I fell sick like this. Then my dad said it could be due to lack of exercise. WTF???

Chesss.. He wanted to point out that I don't exercise regularly la tu. Well, part of it is true la. But I think the main reason why I fell sick is because I am so damn tired for the past week. And this is the automatic body response to keep me alive.

After I catch up on my sleep. (I am lacking sleep, water and energy ) .. eaten properly and have myself hydrated to the optimum. I felt healthier.

But damn, this cough is still bugging me. And the hingus also..Eeeeee.. I have a singing performance this Saturday and I need my voice. Gonna be less verbal these days la I think, to save my voice.

p.s: I hate November! ( audit, file closing, marking exam papers..yada yada yada yada nonsense, a motivational talk lagi...the last two weeks of final schooling days are so crucial! )

p.p.s : I want to do a blog revamp but still no inspiration up until now. Wanna do something to suit the coming Yuletide season. A pink Yuletide season it is

Sunday, November 07, 2010

All in the pictures - episode 2

All in the pictures

attended a wedding this weekend
met long time friends back in uni years
cam whore in the toilet is a must
in the mean time, I am nursing a sore throat. please get better soon dear throat. I need to practice singing.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


November isn't my fave time of the year. Siapa cigu dia tau la tu kenapa.

Workload. Endless. . . Anyone miss me? Hehehe.. Will be back soon!

In the meantime, here's my mantra for now.
and probably this also.
Ahaha. Gaji bulan November awal oh but .. but.. it's gonna be a long month before the next payday. Christmas lagi coming soon tu. Huhu.